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Viewer II

Updated CPE Portal & Annual requirements

I just jumped on the portal to submit some CPE requests for podcasts.  It appears that the portal has a glitch that doesn't recognise that means it doesn't remove the 250-500 word "book review" requirement for the podcasts, which makes it quite painful to submit the request.  I have also found that if you are too close to either end (250 or 500), it glitches and tells you you haven't reached the 250-500 word limit.

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@Rika, glad to be of assistance, and thank you for those kind words.  I suspect it will be a long while before ISC2 does anything about the interface, so, in the meantime, I think "pending" and "CPE" should be a trigger to point people to this discussion.


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Newcomer I

Thank you again for your assistance.
I am still a beginner about using this forum, so I couldn't conceive to use those trigger tags. That is a wonderful idea for people who have the same problem regarding CPE application.
I appreciate your kindness to community members.

Defender I

Using the new CPE Portal,here is what I have discovered.


1. When logged into as a member, go to the Members page from the top row.
2. Click on the SUBMIT / EDIT MY CPE CREDITS on the left side
3. Scroll down to the tile(s) below Your Certifications line to see a tile for each certification.  At the bottom of the tile are three small buttons:
View   |   Active Transcript   |  Previous Transcript 
Clicking View opens a page with a large tile for each submitted CPE event. 
Clicking either Transcript link opens a PDF file with a summary list of CPE credits.
There are several problems in both the View page and the transcript design.
1. On the View page the tiles use more space than necessary, so the page needs scrolling to see the full list.
2, The layout order of tiles is not apparent.
3. On each event tile the actual event is shown in a top label row, but limited to 41 characters, which cuts off important information on some events to distinguish between different items in a series or set of courses or podcasts.
4. Domain information is, in many cases, blank, even though the original submission always included a domain selection.
5. The transcript layout, using a much better table design than the View page, only shows the CPE Type, From Date, To Date, Credit (to 2 decimal places), and Status. The actual CPE event reported is not shown.
6. My CPE status page at says that i have 40 CPE due by 31 Oct 2019 (my three-year cycle end date), rather than the correct value of

120 - 48 = 72 CPE units due.

However, the CPE portal does appear to accurately show me as having 43 A + 5 B = 48 CPE units in my current cycle, and a 40% completion rate (48/120).


Given the character limit noted in #3, above, this means we cannot complete our individual audits of our official CPE records against personal notes or records.
D. Cragin Shelton, DSc
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@CraginS, I experienced a similar issue, and contacted to assist me with this --- with no positive outcome.


To summarize, on the portal's members section to check the CPE compliance,1 page stated that I have 13 CPEs due, while another stated that my CPE requirements are 100% satisfied, as shown below: -



CPEs - Status 2.pngCPEs - Status 1.png


I sent screenshots to to ask them to clarify this, & got a reply with an explanation that didn't make sense --- ending with the line: You could disregard the 13CPEs due message now. 


The entire design is horrible. In the past, it was relatively easy to track CPEs, using the list provided on the site and the downloadable transcript wherein everything was detailed and in chronological order. Now, the sources have no complete name, nor are they in chronological order, so verifying that the CPEs have been updated on the portal is a nightmare, to say the least.


I reported this to & the reply was: For the CPE list in View and Transcript, we are still working on to improve the look and information reflected. Therefore, at this moment you will still not be able to get a list in chronological order.


(This happened on 17th March 2018 --- but evidently we're still living in that 'moment.'   Smiley Frustrated)


For now, it seems there's little to do but endure all this until ISC2 revamps their site --- hopefully before they cease to exist altogether.



Shannon D'Cruz,
Community Champion

Try this to get around the limitations with #3.  Go to the Tile page.  Click on a tile to get the "focus" into the browser.  Select all (control-A).  Copy (control-C).  Open Microsoft Word and paste.  The complete titles are now visible. 


Alternatively, set your browser window to about 20cm wide and you will get something like 80-90 characters.


Still unnecessarily complex; still not sorted; still not editable, but it is "survivable" until the impending updates are released.

ISC2 Team

Hello Dr. Shelton,


I can't thank you enough for providing specific details on your experience with the portal, and recommendations on how to make it better.  I have noted these issues and will discuss it with our developers.



Our goal is to make the overall experience better for you, but we know there is still room for improvement. In fact, your feedback and suggestions are the springboard for our action plan to further enhance the portal’s functionalities and user interface.



The (ISC)2 team looks to complete all enhancement work on the portal in 2019. As we focus on those efforts, we remain fully committed to helping you navigate the existing portal. Guides and tutorials are on the way, but please reach out to Member Services at if you encounter any issues during the transition period.


Meanwhile, we ask that you continue to share your recommendations. They are instrumental in the progress we make to deliver the experience you expect, and the value you deserve.  


We apologize for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your continued patience and support.




Beth Paredes

Senior Corporate Member Services Manager

Newcomer I



I'm facing exactly the same issue as well.

The members home shows that I am due 2 CPEs while the CPE submission page shows 100% satisfied.


I will be reaching my renewal period soon. Hope ISC2 recognize the CPEs and keeping my fingers crossed for now.

Community Champion

Hi Beth,


In addition to what's already been mentioned here, please also look in to the issue with the AMF payment. To summarize, when I attempt to make a payment it tells me that the AMF is already paid, & advises me to go to the 'Accounts' section.


I attempted to initiate payment from 2 areas on the site but the result was the same, shown in the screenshots below:


AMF - 00 - 20180601.pngAMF - 01 - 20180601.pngAMF - 02 - 20180601.png



As per, since I've completed AMF payment for this cycle, & the next is due by 28 February 2019, I have to wait till my certificate is renewed for the next year, when I will 'receive' an invoice.


I don't know exactly what this means, and would prefer to make this payment in advance when convenient, rather than face complications at a later stage with a limited time-frame.





Shannon D'Cruz,
ISC2 Team

Hi Shannon,


I've checked your account and you have fulfilled all your CPE credit requirements with a total of 169.5 credit.  Unfortunately the CPE status tile on your member homepage is still showing an inaccurate number.  This issue is still being resolved, and truly apologize that this has taken so long.  


As far as your AMF payment, I've checked your account and you have fully paid through 2/28/2019.  


Thanks again for reaching out to us.  Also, if you have additional questions or need assistance, please send me an email at


Thanks for your patience and continued support!




ISC2 Team

Truly understand that this tile view is a huge pain point.  It will be one of our first improvements for the portal.  If you have any problem sorting through this and cannot find your credits or submissions, please contact me directly at


I'll be more than happy to provide assistance.  Thanks so much for your patience!


Best regards,