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Newcomer I

Your new annual membership Fee is now $125! How do you feel about that?

I think this is disgusting.  I dont feel I got value for money when it was $85 now how do you justify $125?

Its extortionate. 

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Newcomer II

Kind of wondering how ISC2 “Avengers” defending it without any understanding.

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Newcomer II

There are not many certs that have the real value except the training/study itself and a line in a resume.Now, the CISSP cert is being sticking to every job requirements because the vendors get used to it by copying the requirements from other job posting.I still believe the real experience is more valuable than any cert.I have abandoned CISSP due to yearly fees - it was a disgusting move by ISC2.It's up to you what you want to do. Perhaps, review if you really need those certs you are forced to extend by paying yearly fees.Roman 
Community Champion



@fyzaan wrote:
Kind of wondering how ISC2 “Avengers” defending it without any understanding.

@fyzaan, it certainly seems the AMF hike triggered an Avengers Civil war, but the fact is the change has hit many hard because it came about so suddenly.


Like @denbesten was saying, had this cost rise been gradual, you'd probably be seeing about the same thing --- & we wouldn't have been taking the AMF for granted.


BTW, holding a single certification, I don't really avail of the benefits, so don't consider me an Avenger  Man LOL



Shannon D'Cruz,
Contributor II

If you look back at the posts over time on Community, there have been many, many calls from members with multiple certifications to provide discount for our continued maintenance. 


Management were reacting to Board instructions to address this issue (and some other related issues). As I've stated on a separate thread, a fundamental change in AMF structure was communicated by management for quite a while in advance (I certainly remember it being spoken about at Congress 2018). If members have been involved in their community, this shouldn't have come as a surprise.


From a personal point of view, where I pay for my AMFs out of my own pocket, I'm absolutely delighted with the change, but I accept that while I've benefited, others have been negatively affected. 

If I look at a similar organisation, and I'll take ISACA as an example, I pay for my membership, and I pay for each of my certs separately. My charge for membership and maintaining two certs is double what I pay (ISC)2 for maintaining three certs. Now I don't argue that they're direct comparisons, but on a purely financial basis, (ISC)2 wins hands down.


The harsh reality for those that have seen their AMFs rise from $65 to $125 is: (ISC)2 Board and Management aren't going to backtrack. They're very happy to see the change from AMFs being paid in arrears, and consolidation of payment for multiple certifications.


The fundamental questions that each of us has to ask ourselves (for any organisation that we belong to):

  • do we need membership of that organisation (e.g. for work opportunities),or are there other organisations that can fulfill our need, 
  • what value does our membership give us in comparison to our spend,
  • are there other benefits from our membership (e.g. connections, personal development, or giving back to the community) 

This isn't rocket science


Newcomer II

Funny thing is, I saw my SSCP card and certification it says active till 2021 and instead of paying AMF I will pass out CISSP exam in 2021 that will be enough till 2024 😆 lol.

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Newcomer III

Like many others, I have to pay this because my job requires it.  I don't think my alternative, ISACA, is much different in price.   All in all, it is a small price to pay.  Your mileage may vary.  

Newcomer I

I've been a CISSP for less than a year, this has been my value:


- Greater peer respect, especially among those who already have an (ISC)2 cert

- Getting better security project assignments

- Much more security training:

       - My leadership is more willing to send me to additional training or conferences

       - (ISC)2 now offers almost 30 short courses for FREE in their Professional Development Institute.  Even if you don't need the additional CPEs, you can learn about a variety of security topics at no cost. This alone makes the recent AMF price increase insignificant. But it's up to you to take advantage of that learning to better yourself.

      - If you are job hunting, you are WAY MORE likely to get that first interview, even if the job posting does not specify a CISSP as a requirement. A hiring manager may get dozens of resumes for an opening. An easy way to thin the herd of candidates is to focus on those who are certified !


For those of you who are allowing their CISSP to expire because of an additional $40 per year, I think you are making a big mistake. To put it in perspective, $40 only buys you about 10 McDonald's Egg McMuffins. For a job that brings you thousands of $$$ per year, that's insignificant. It's annoying.  But still insignificant. 


Rottweiler, CISSP, CCSP


Contributor I

Very good points! I totally agree.

Francis (Frank) Mayer, CISSP EMERITUS
Contributor I

I would also like to offer the following to this discussion thread:


The AMF is worth it for the following reasons:


1.  FACT: "CISSP-certified IT professionals have the third highest global salary ($116,573) and the 10th highest in North America ($123,815). This is nothing new—CISSP has ranked in the top 10 in the U.S. each year since 2015, even coming in first in 2018." direct quote from


2.  FACT: CISSP allows CPEs from many reasonable methods as opposed to making them so restricted that it would be nearly impossible to keep up with the continual learning requirement.  Other certifications are using CPEs versus retaking their exam every three years and that would be more costly than the current AMF  requirement.   Yes, CompTIA has lower fees and that includes the CASP that according to DoD is equivalent to the CISSP for most positions, and you only need to need to pay the CE fees for your highest-level CompTIA certification refer to, however, the CASP does not meet the requirement to be at level III for either management or engineering in the DoD and you need the CISSP-ISSAP or CISSP-ISSEP to be engineering level III in the DoD.


3.  FACT: Cisco is now using CPEs (or re-test) and fees for re-certification, refer to to AND the administrative fee for Expert-level certifications is $300, HOWEVER they state that "No more continuing education administrative fee, as of February 24, 2020" refer to 


4.  FACT; SANS has a certification maintenance fee that is a non-refundable $429 payment, due once every four years at the time of registration.


5. FACT: As of December 31, 2018 there are 131,180 (ISC)² members holding the CISSP certification worldwide, in 171 countries with the United States holding the highest member count at 84,557 members.[1] In June 2004, the CISSP designation was accredited under the ANSI ISO/IEC Standard 17024




As is clear by the facts: ALL the major certification vendors have fees and issues, so it is a matter of competition and choice except if you are in a specialized job that requires an (ISC)2 certification.   The DoD requirement for cyber security engineers and level III managers is not a copy paste, it is their policy that is updated annually with thought and concurrence from across the DoD and I can tell you getting concurrence in the DoD is not easy to get on anything (I am retired so I can speak freely).


I have been a CISSP member for over a decade and I never regretted it.  The new AMF payment and CPE system leaves much to be desired but they have fixed the major issues as of this post.  I don't know why they no longer accept the full AMF payment upfront for three years but I will just deal with it because in the final analysis having the CISSP allows me to mentor my cybersecurity students and keep up with may career that I had in industry, the military, civil service and now as a adjunct professor.  Without the Gold Standard certification, I would not have the credibility I need to do my job helping the next generation come into our profession, next to that the AMF is just pocket change.   That is my opinion.




Francis (Frank) Mayer, CISSP EMERITUS
Newcomer II

Key Points in community forums:

1. Read Subject
2. Understand question
3. Answer to the point
4. No ******

No one denying who worth what or what is what. All these certifications worth SAME before or after change in fee. If that’s not the case please help me understand it.

Now logic from “Champions” are

Infra need updates because of more users ....
CISSP or SSCP get paid 100K+ ....
Unlike others you really need to study ....
It is 10 cheese burger difference.....
It worth bcz it is needed...
It get you to the interview......
If ISC has increased 4% each year it would be same....
DoD accept it.....
You are honored and respected? Just wow
Many more strange logics....

Question is A and Answer is Number 7. I wish To see response of all these geniuses if your house installment increases 100% and your health/house/cars Insurances increases 100% your car installments increases 100% Gas increases 100% ......... and all this happens without really adding any additional VALUE to what they were before.

Instead if this and that just share what is added value between $65 and $125. Period

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