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Newcomer I

Your new annual membership Fee is now $125! How do you feel about that?

I think this is disgusting.  I dont feel I got value for money when it was $85 now how do you justify $125?

Its extortionate. 

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Newcomer II

There is both good and bad news here.


The Good: If you read the announcement, the $125/yr covers "all" of your ISC2 certifications. So if you hold more than one certification, this is actually a cost reduction.


"Starting July 1, 2019, members with multiple certifications will save as they will only pay a single AMF of U.S. $125 regardless of how many (ISC)² certifications they earn"


The Bad: ISC2 used to require dues "at the end" of a certification cycle. They are changing to "at the beginning" of the cycle. Thus, you will be in for a shock if you need to renew before July 1.


"We are aligning with industry and financial best practices, as well as eliminating confusion among some members by no longer billing in arrears (for the previous year’s membership)."


If you have more than one certification coming due, you will get hit with Last Year's dues and This Year's dues for each certification!


"Starting January 23, 2019, members have until June 30, 2019 to pay any outstanding AMFs at the current rate for their certification(s)... between January 23, 2019 and June 30, 2019 must pay any outstanding AMFs and their 2019 annual membership fee at the current rate before June 30."


If you have multiple certs coming due before July - brace yourself! ISC2 should have at least kicked in the $125 all you can eat AMF for the 2019 calendar year, not base it on their 2019 cut-over date, because this one time both past and future payments are being required in the same year.


As to the value, it certainly can hold value both in the resources they provide and status. Having said that, it is undeniable that ISC2 has pushed numerous recruitment drives via members. No one is blind to why that seems to be so top of mind, so often.



It's bad joke.  Nothing they provide even comes close to justifying this kind of increase.



Newcomer I

Code of Ethics Canons:

  • Protect society, the common good, necessary public trust and confidence, and the infrastructure.
  • Act honorably, honestly, justly, responsibly, and legally.
  • Provide diligent and competent service to principals.
  • Advance and protect the profession.

     * The common good - no most of us will be poorer after this
     * Honorably? Justly?   - no its dishonest and unjust extorting money from us because you know we cannot allow our certs to lapse
     * Provide diligent and competent service?  - no your service is worth about $10 a year
     * Advance and protect the profession - you are killing it by killing those in it
Community Champion

Can we please have a justification for the increase and the benefits to be gained from the boards perspective?


Is there any possible way of keeping the US $85 for a single qualification and those who hold multiple certifications to US $125 - which is a benefit to those holders?


A lot of our organisations have gone into major digital transformations and transformed people and resources and cost cutting including having to go economy even on long air flights for business purposes. 


What we need is a justification for the increases and why they are occurring so all members understand?


Can there be sliding point, at which as renewals occur, rather than a doubling up on fees or do we have our mathematics incorrect?


What benefits will ISC2 board bring to the members, because there appears to be a lot of members thinking of ditching ISC2 altogether due to the increases?   Have they been well thought out?


In comparison ISACA with multiple qualifications is very expensive in comparison indeed, especially their cybersecurity online training costs etc.


Please help all members to understand the why, what, how as we have no real justification at the moment or full understanding of why these are occurring.


We are living in a world where the client has increased choices and flexibility, so we really need to know what does the client members obtain.


By the way I pay for my own ISC2 fees, as my employer does not pay for them, even though I work as a security practitioner - this was part of the cost cutting and digital transformation outcomes that have happened.


Thank you





Newcomer I

Isaca is expensive indeed, but at least you've got the full COBIT 2019 framework included in the price.

That has value. If because of the price I must choose between my CISM and my CISSP, the framework will weight on their side.

Newcomer II

Nicely done Caute_cautim. I too have ISACA dues, and they are expensive. Of course they have some really powerful resources (COBIT for example).


A good explanation is due all members, to include expectation setting and deliverables.


I think the math is correct, as I just had to renew and was blown away. I called and after a good 20 mins of both of us writing down dates and going back and forth, I posted my best understanding of what I was told and what I had to pay. I certainly would appreciate an "official" response to this thread.

Viewer II

I've been thinking about this all day...

Is (ISC)2 really so out of touch with the US Federal space that they think this is wise timing?

Contractors have lost a month of pay - with no end in sight - and I'm guessing a number of Federal Employees have already had to reach into their pockets, even if only temporarily.


This is both insult and injury on top of insult and injury.




Influencer II

> MD007 (Viewer) posted a new reply in Member Support on 01-24-2019 02:00 PM


> Code of Ethics Canons


Ah! Interesting analysis!


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Viewer II

My ISACA dues for my CISM, ISACA international and local chapter are $230 dlls.


I do get a lot of value out of my chapter, but I think it is expensive to keep my ISACA membership and CISM.


With ISC2 I have 3 certs right now, so I'm one of the few who will actually benefit from the change.


I will probably get more ISC2 certs because I already have to pay the AMF, so as many have guessed for me it's an incentive.

Viewer II

This is an utter travesty. Raising the price $40 a year with so little return is ridiculous. Can anyone tell me exactly what we get out of this? Other than the privilege of having a ISC2 cert? ISC2 has never aided or help with career placement. Their training material or news updates are subpar. There are a host of other sites which carry better information and training, which are free ( for one). Even paid sites offer a much better value than this (Pluralsight).


What exactly does ISC2 do for us members? What exactly do they do for us worth $125/year?

The only way this can possibly change if we all collectively stand up and say no more. We do have the power. I know a lot of us are scared to drop a ISC2 cert for fear of losing a job opportunity. If we as a community stand up, we change that.


We are managers, we are directors, we are CISOs. We can choose not to have job adds list ISC2 certs as a requirement or recommendation. If job adds drop this, suddenly the CISSP means nothing anymore.


If ISC2 does not step up and clearly define everything than can do for us members which makes membership worth $125/year, then I say we act. We, as members of the Information Security community, make ISC2 worthless.


We have the power here. We must come together and exercise that power.