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Newcomer I

Your new annual membership Fee is now $125! How do you feel about that?

I think this is disgusting.  I dont feel I got value for money when it was $85 now how do you justify $125?

Its extortionate. 

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Newcomer I

Absolutely shameful - a good as 50% increase, no justification, no accountability on where the money is going.


Aside from a reskin of the site and obviously more marketing and moderators, what are they spending it on!


I used to respect ISC2 because they weren't obvious money gougers like ISACA. As others have said the main value derived from the CISSP is a keyword hook on a CV for lazy recruiters...a functionality that can be just as easily met with adding CISSP (expired) instead.


Member for 10 years....seriously have to consider whether I make that 11


Newcomer I

Garfield must really be expensive to license.  And nothing better to teach kids about cyber security than a 48 year old mascot....


On to a more serious note, I have only kept my AMF's up to day because the certification is resume fodder.  Unfortunately after the last couple of years it has become less relevant, and this price gouge has sealed the coffin. 


The ISC2 and associated certifications are nothing more than a cash grab.  i would also like to point out that not only has viewing their CPE content put me on the mailing list of more telemarketers than just posting my email on craiglist would have, but many of these companies that they partner with have been parts of security breaches.


So the most ironic part of this?  My work email/phone/position are in the databases and on the leads of every telemarketer and scammer in the world because of my membership with the ISC2



Community Champion

I'm a DoD contractor so I'm forced to have the CISSP cert.  Having said that if ISC2 raised it to $10,000US per year I would have to pay it.  And whats stopping them?   They are deeply embedded with DoD so they have a lock on secondary economy from this requirement. I'm also getting paid premium rates so it's not a hit on my budget. I don't get reimbursed for it from my company.


I do empathize for those who are in other countries who may not have the revenue stream that we are blessed with here in the states.  This could be substantial for them.


Around Valentines day will mark my 6 month anniversary with ISC2 (oh crap-need to get on those CPE's!). I started on this site and then added the site that @rslade mentioned for CISSP's. That site turned out to be a bust for me so this is my only resource for CISSP community.  


This site has issues.  ISC2 has spent a crap ton of money trying to upscale to be attractive to the media savvy user.  It does nothing for me. I don't need badges. I don't need kudos. I do need unfiltered, lo-managed, professional discourse related to the certification.  


The online content that is provided by ISC2 so that we can fulfill our certifications is o.k.  Another organisation I belong to basically dumped their online media content because it was bankrupting them. It is not cheap.  I know ISC2 have archived content to build a library.  The concern is that is dated material as well.  Past 6 months in age is it still relevant? I highly doubt it.  Is there enough content that runs parallel to our CPE calendar to be useful? Don't know.

In summary, I'm forced to pay for something if I want to continue in the career path I am on.  The return on my investment (the site) does nothing for me other then the material for CPE's and there are many other sources for that so it's really not crucial.  And the community is on valium-it's numb and dull due to the heavy handed moderation.


Maybe my next certificate will be 100% gold foil?

Newcomer I

Such a dramatic price increase.

Are the new board members responsible for this draconian increase?


I believe that it will cause an exodus from ISC2.

After being a member for 10 years, this 47% increase hammers a nail in my departure from the organization.

There is no justification for this, and it begs "accountability" and "transparency" questions of the organization.


Very disappointed that the ISC2 board are so out-of-touch that they believed that its member base would just sit down and take the unjustified substantial increase without even a whimper.


For a lot of people in my environment it's required to have the cert and ISC2 knows this. They can keep raising the fees and they know people will have to pay them to keep their jobs. Seems pretty unethical to me. I would surely like to get a 47% raise!

Viewer II

ISC2 has hit me with a largely unexpected $285 bill.

I'm thankful that my only planned courses and certification this year are with another organization.

Now, if I could just make some sense out of the payment/dues page...

Newcomer I

Regarding their payment/dues page:

I just figured it out. The 47% increase in our fees is so that they can fix that ridiculous page.

As I said in another post earlier today about the AMF screens; the early 1990s called asking for their code back.


You would really have to wonder about the mindset of the ISC2 board.

To think that a 47% increase was regarded as a good idea? I put it down to either the decision being made out in the hot Florida sun or a certain herb was introduced while they were eating at the last board meeting ...... meals that the members paid for.

Newcomer I

I'm not certain if anyone with any power at ISC2 is reading this.  But raising the AMF to $125 per year ($375 per certification cycle) is criminal.  Particularly considering that the ONLY benefit we receive from them is the certificate every 3 years and the ability to place letters behind our name. That ridiculous Member Perks app is a complete waste of time and money.

Having had my certification for almost 14 years I have invested $1190 in AMF fees alone not to mention the (unbillable) time spent in maintaining CPE's.  This will likely boost organizations like SANS.  Or, at least make folks perform a more critical value analysis.  


I know I will be evaluating whether to maintain my certification when it comes up for renewal next year.


I doubt anyone at ISC2 really cares about our opinions here.  But, I felt the need to vent.

Newcomer II

A 47% fee increase!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I thought surely I misread that when I first saw the e-mail. Came back later once my eyes cleared and was HUGELY DISAPPOINTED to see I did not misread anything.


I understand more and more why several highly respected cyber security professionals I know have nothing good to say about (ISC)2. I should have kept up my CompTIA Security+ cert active.


This is not required for my job, is not gaining me any tangible benefits, and at these renewal rates will cost $1,500 before I retire, not allowing for more near 50% fee increases, for a few letters that now costs $25/letter per year! 


I can definitely see where (ISC)2 greed will price them out of the market and eventually another cert will become a standard.

Newcomer II

Amen on the CEP and account pages being completely jacked up and from at least two decades ago! Maybe they'll get something right with the additional MILLIONS of dollars this 47% fee increase will bring in.....unless a few thousand people have had enough and leave and it ends up a wash at the bottom line.....