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Newcomer I

Your new annual membership Fee is now $125! How do you feel about that?

I think this is disgusting.  I dont feel I got value for money when it was $85 now how do you justify $125?

Its extortionate. 

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Viewer II

It's even better when


  1. You're required to maintain one in order to keep your position (DOD 8570).
  2. Reimbursement isn't built into the contract you work on, so it's basically an unfunded mandate.
  3. Your employer won't reimburse you out of its general funds.

I won't complain beyond that because I'm satisfied with the parameters of my position, but it is rather hypocritical.


I do take offense with (ISC)2's use of the term "modest" to describe the increase.  It's almost 50%.  That's more like a "significant" increase to me, but no self-respecting organization would ever use that term.  The best way is not to use flowery language, just say you're doing it and explain why.  I'll consider the adequacy of their explanation when I decide whether to vote to retain the current BOD at this year's elections.


Newcomer I

Yes, couldn't agree more.


ISC2 has lost it's credibility. Nowadays, it seems like a typical money pressing scheme, with added bells, and whistles everywhere. Why not just stick to the (original) minimal, core values of the organization?


I don't need this community platform, I don't need "online seminars", or other stuff. I simply want a credible organization, which is worth it's salt in terms of bringing forth / validating respected security professionals.


Seriously, I even did "earn" a badge, just to register my account on this community platform. Are we not supposed to be professionals, here?


But, I suppose, the motivation behind all this, is to push existing members into "earning" more certificates, as they no longer incur additional AMF (which, in itself is an improvement). But for the rest, this does not really help.


On the other hand, I suppose, there are more than enough people - especially from the US, which do profit from this organization, and therefore are willing to suck it up. For the rest of the world, the pay-off is not that great, however.


"Everything we do at (ISC)² is focused on helping you achieve your professional goals, better secure your organization’s critical assets and achieve our vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world."


Interesting. All ISC2 does is take the original $85 fee. Not clear what they do with it. Certainly not "helping you achieve your professional goals". No value add here.


For me, I have other certs that preclude anything to do with ISC2, so I really don't have a requirement to maintain dual certs.


Good thing they produced this just before I paid my AMFs.

Newcomer I

out of curiosity: what certificate do you consider as important / respected in your area of expertise?



And generally: This increase just shows, that some kind of socialistic idea has crept in this organization - take more from the single certificate holders, and distribute the benefit to those with multiple certificates.

Newcomer I

ALL certs are important, especially ones like CISSP, critical in fact which is why we are slaves to this.
Honestly, I NEED to keep my cert up, so if they increased it to $1000 a year I'd still be forced to pay it so we are at their mercy.

They justify the fee by having the client portal websites, training material etc which is cool and all, but I dont feel like its value for money. 
With my company pretty much freezing travel and training, its also hard to achieve the required CPEs which I think should be halved. 

Newcomer I

Per their count of CISSP holders- "CISSP Total 131,180" that comes out to about $16m annually just for CISSP
Newcomer I

I suppose, it's not that simple. They will have to factor in the amount of "loss" for multi-cert. holders.

Newcomer II

Simply disappointing... the most interesting material I have found so far are the BrightTalk webinars but what is worst is the fact that I get contacted by the sponsors since I work for a big name corp. Also I have searched all over the ISC2 Chapters.. none exist for Los Angeles (Orange County is not Los Angeles). How is that even possible? Like others, I will end up paying the fees because every security/information manager position list CISSP as a desire/requirement.

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The Cash Cow!

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