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Newcomer I

Re: ISC2 CPE Credits not showing in Overall CPE view - CISSP

Da, are you saying I need to enter the Security Briefings manually as CPE credits?


The magazines have always moved over automatically - I wonder if that is still the case?

Newcomer I

Help Amanda - I am unable to submit CPE's

Hello Amanda,


Will you please credit me for completing this webinar and passing the quiz on 04/15/18?


"Worst Case Scenario - IT Operations Under the Assumption of Compromise".

As you know, members can no longer submit e-Symposium credits via the redesigned site. ("Save & Exit" is blocked.)


Thank you,


Lance Simmons


CISSP #56355




Newcomer I

Re: CPE credits not added automatically

I have contacted Amanda Vance from Member Support. She is apparently unaware that members can no longer submit CPE's successfully. It's hard to describe this situation as anything but a complete debacle.

Here is Amanda's response:

Thank you for reaching out to us and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Typically CPEs are submitted within 5-7 business days; however, due to the CPE portal blackout between April 6-10, 2018, there is a slight delay in submitting the BlueSky and BrightTalk CPEs. Please allow until the end of this week to see these CPEs in your account.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience.

If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Best Regards,
Amanda Vance
Customer Service Coordinator


Re: ISC2 CPE Credits not showing in Overall CPE view - CISSP

I'm also not seeing Security Briefings added automatically and it's been a few weeks.

Advocate I

Re: ISC2 CPE Credits not showing in Overall CPE view - CISSP

The CPE Handbook, on page 11 states that there is a 90-day grace period at the end of the three-year cycle.  If you are simply at the end of the "annual-requirement", you need not worry as that has been changed to a suggestion.


However, I have never liked delaying record-keeping.  It makes all-too-easy for faulty memories to cause things to fall through the cracks.


My suggestion (and remember, I am just a peer) is to create placeholder entries.  When/if the credits appear, delete the placeholder. I would suggest the subject indicate it is a placeholder.  I do this by prefixing it with "(dup?) ". In part, this makes it easier to cleanup and it is good defense if an auditor questions the apparent "double-dipping".


Even with the old site, I routinely do this simply so that I do not lose out on a CPE when an automatic submission fails, which is surprisingly frequent.



Newcomer I

Re: ISC2 CPE Credits not showing in Overall CPE view - CISSP

 A quick update - the solutions summit CPEs are now showing up in the CPE view.


The magazine CPEs are still missing.

Viewer II

Re: Horrible new way of viewing/registering CPEs

I can't agree more. It's like a perfect demonstration of misapplied flat design just to "look modern," with terrible usability. Did they not pilot this with actual members at all?

Contributor I

Lessons learned (or not) from CPE portal redesign

It looks like the CPE portal redesign has finally shown some corrective results over the past few day, but some persistent issues still remain. 


It is surprise, and upsetting, to see an international  organization in, of all fields, information technology, has fork-lifted into a new application without adequate testings. I used to be a PM in applications development, and am fully aware of the difficulties in any large scale development efforts. But this project seems to have violated some fundamental principles of IT project management methodology. It did not deliver the functionalities, or did not fully test the functionalities. It failed load testing still. With all the tools available, I am really at lost as to what is going on behind the scene?  Have we conducted alpha testing, let alone beta testing and user testing? What happened to the project reviews? 


I have no knowledge of the actual development work, and am not trying to point fingers. But I am hoping that the project management team and the project sponsors take an in-depth look at what went wrong, and listen to the user communities, to compile the lessons learned, so that any future projects can avoid the shortfalls.


Best wishes,






Chuxing Chen, Ph.D., CISSP
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Re: ISC2 CPE Credits not showing in Overall CPE view - CISSP

I am not seeing either come over.  Anyone know how ling it usually takes?

Community Manager

Re: ISC2 CPE Credits not showing in Overall CPE view - CISSP

Hello everyone, 


I wanted to reach out to all of you who have reported an issue with the new CPE Portal to provide a couple of updates.  Within the Community, I have taken and compiled all of the reports of errors/issues to one thread (the one I am replying in here). Our team is working on all of the issues that have been brought up here and as we receive updates we will share them in this thread to notify everyone. 


In the meantime, if you have an immediate need, want to supply more information about a problem you encountered, or have any further questions, you are encouraged to reach out to as they are best equipped to help you. 


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience while we work on fixing these issues.



Thank you, 


Samantha O'Connor
(ISC)² Online Community Manager