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Updated CPE Portal & Annual requirements

I just jumped on the portal to submit some CPE requests for podcasts.  It appears that the portal has a glitch that doesn't recognise that means it doesn't remove the 250-500 word "book review" requirement for the podcasts, which makes it quite painful to submit the request.  I have also found that if you are too close to either end (250 or 500), it glitches and tells you you haven't reached the 250-500 word limit.

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Dear Samantha,


Yesterday I noticed I can see the status of my CPE again after running into the 'internal error' for two months.

I managed to print the (still unsorted) transcript. Together with the screenshots from 'the card deck that fell on the ground' I managed to reverse-engineer my CPE list in date order.

It's a match with the evidence I keep myself Smiley Very Happy


I also tried to add new CPEs. You have to carefully consider the options you choose and click on the save-continue button to get to the next step in the submission process, but in the end I managed to successfully add an entry.


I have to be honest: this is not a straight-forward process and it may not be a bad idea if the submission process is going to be documented in a step-by-step manual to prevent membership support becoming overloaded with requests to help our members in the submission process.

However, this should be a work-around, not a solution, because the CPE submission process should and can be made much easier. I'm happy to provide my input.

Newcomer I

Today I checked and the CPE submission page is working again. Better late than never. Thank you,

Newcomer I

@amandavanceISC2 - is there any update/outlook for when the SSO issue will be resolved? It's been quite a while now and I still can't log onto the portal to submit any CPE's or view what I've done?

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Not to worry, I'm already in contact with Support. I just wanted to let others know they are not alone.





@MStockdale Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA on the SSO error. I can confirm they are still working hard to resolve this.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Newcomer III

Yes, I track them in Excel, as they do not convey automatically.  Imagine my surprise to find that now I have to enter presenters names and a synopsis or description of what was presented.

This new regime is terribly difficult to manage.

I have a spreadsheet of 40+ webinars to manually enter... 

Newcomer III

Thank you for writing. Actually, in my case some of the CPEs from webinars
were entered by the system and some of the CPEs did not appear. Even worse,
some of them appeared as something else and there is no way to correct the
transcript. I have a CISM at ISACA and am not facing a similar issue there
in regards to CPE entry. It seems to me that someone in ISC2 decided to
make a "modern" interface and catastrophe resulted - mostly because they
were working with live data instead of test data. I am the CIO of an
organization and never would have permitted such a step. Even worse, myself
and everyone else in this thread received no notification that a change was
to take place. The inability to rollback is shocking as well. When I watch
webinars now I take a screenshot every few minutes as proof that I watched
the presentation - especially since there is no certificate issued or quiz
result. Somehow it's like this CPE portal upgrade has taken best practices
and turned them upside down. I am frustrated at the silence from the most
senior ISC2 management on this miserable situation. I also wonder why more
members are not speaking out? There are supposed to be more than 120,000
CISSPs but only a tiny number of them are being heard from in this forum.
Is that because not every member is having a problem with the CPE portal or
because they don't care? Sorry for being upset but I really am distressed
by this situation. Not something I expect from such a reputable
organization. Thank you for listening.
Newcomer I

The new interface is extremely CLUNKY and inefficient.  I managed to add one webinar I attended, but trying to navigate what has already been submitted was an exercise in sheer torture.


No obvious way to sort... items splashed on a page neither in alphabetical OR date order... so finding previous submissions (to make sure that they were there OR I wasn't re-submitting something) was horrendous.


Also what exactly am I supposed to do for webinars/seminars/podcasts that don't give a "certificate of completion"... since it appears ISC2 is demanding "proof" of completion.


In my NOT humble opinion, ISC2 dropped the ball BIG TIME on this abomination.

Newcomer III

I really feel your frustration with the "proof" issue. As I mentioned in a previous posting, I actually take screenshots or snips throughout the presentation and save them in a related file so that I have proof. Yes, it makes the presentation take up to 50% longer to watch but it is the only way to get the proof I might need. I did write to ISC2 customer support on this issue and they said that there is a log of what you have watched that could be the proof you require. But that log isn't under my control and could disappear at any time. Also, it's not really proof that you watched the seminar/video. It's just proof that it ran on a computer. If you are going to reference the log as proof I would take a screenshot/snip as soon as you finish the presentation and keep it somewhere safe. All the best in overcoming your issues.  

Community Champion

I think you are over estimating the standard of proof required. This is not
like a criminal case where one must prove beyond a reasonable doubt. It is
more like a civil case - - more likely than not. Email yourself a
screenshot of the title slide with an attestation that "I watched this" and
you will pass an audit every time.

As a "Cio" you might think more holistically. At my organization a dozen of
us schedule a webinar and then hang around discussing it and other common
things. We then go off and file CPEs for our various certs and I send a for
the the record email to the attendees.

For webinars the description is optional. It was added (I suspect) because
a bunch of us wanted to put a link to webinar for our own benefit.