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Viewer II

Updated CPE Portal & Annual requirements

I just jumped on the portal to submit some CPE requests for podcasts.  It appears that the portal has a glitch that doesn't recognise that means it doesn't remove the 250-500 word "book review" requirement for the podcasts, which makes it quite painful to submit the request.  I have also found that if you are too close to either end (250 or 500), it glitches and tells you you haven't reached the 250-500 word limit.

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Newcomer II

The member page is still showing the CPE requirements under the previous CPE rules (annual requirements).  They are not always correct under the new 3-year-with-suggested-annual-CPEs rules.  I completed enough CPEs in my first year to cover my 3 year requirements and then some (132+% complete, according to the new CPE portal), but the member page still indicates that I need 18 more CPEs this year. Hopefully (ISC)² will sort out the mismatched CPE information along with the CPE portal!


The AMFs show correctly, though, since no changes have been made to those recently.


--- Kim Jordan, CSSLP, SSCP
Community Champion


...(132+% complete, according to the new CPE portal), but the member page still indicates that I need 18 more CPEs this year...

This is why one needs a diverse testing pool.  I am in my third year and have even pacing, so the number looks good to me. It's not until someone in your situation is included that this bug becomes visible.


The progress thermometer is one of the things I like about the new CPE site.  I'm hoping they copy it to the member page.

Advocate I

Thankfully, I just recently renewed for my, what third time, right before the website changed. I just don't feel assured that I am not missing something when I submit new CPEs for 2018. For now its the shotgun approach with submissions and just manually submit everything - and pray. Praying, that I am getting credit.


Good luck!

Newcomer I

Those number doesn't change as expected and if you click on Edit/Submit my CPE, you get a page which says "0" CPE pending, confusing . I still don't see any box for the CPE that I should get due to completing the archived seminars. Also somehow you figure out that you can click on View towards the bottom you see lots of boxes and then you need to find the one you submitted. That will be towards the bottom ( I hope it's always like that) . In a table probably you can sort not sure in what order the boxes are arranged.


In the nutshell while doing a new release the designer need to consider few fundamental things

  1. New release should be for improvements
  2. Do not take away functions that is available to user as of today
  3. Do not make any changes which makes the navigation/use more difficult
  4. Do not make any changes which increase the processing time
  5. Do not make changes to introduce new bugs

Usability design in itself is dedicated stream and companies are focusing a lot to improve the end user experience. My experience is not so good with the new version may be if there is a guide which compares the before and after picture that will help users like me to get used to with the new website.




Newcomer I

I called ISC2 today (as well as had another thread running in the Community section) and they said they're still working on the fixes and hope to have them out by the end of this month (May).  


1. The "card" look... no one quite knows what possessed them to do this (perhaps some UX person thought it would be 'cool') but from a usability standpoint, it's terrible.   And what's with the random gaps between cards???


2. The lack of order/sort.  OK, no idea how they could have missed this one.  When I go into my CPE submission view I see three years of CPE submissions in random order.  No way to tell what date I last entered on (I enter in batches every couple months or so).  Just really bad.  What software program DOESN'T have a sort (either default or manual) these days?  


3. The flaws are so glaring and obvious it's amazing this made it through a QA stage to be released.  Or better yet, how did this make it past the design/functional specifications stage?  Where was the SDLC process?   This IS ISC2 after all, the torchbearer in a proper software development process.  How could it have fallen so flatly when doing their OWN development?  


4. There are some folks 'defending' these issues as 'new features'  😉   Enough said?  LOL!



There's a lot of egg on the face here.  ISC2 is a reputable organization and hopefully they'll move quickly to rectify all this.  

Newcomer I

I wish they alert the product team that ...thousands of ISC2 members could be impacted so please do not make our website a testing ground for sloppy experiments.

Several of my colleagues and I took the CISSP exam in March. We passed the exam and were approved with certification beginning 1 May 2018. Unfortunately, at least 2 of us *cannot* submit CPEs through the portal, while at least 1 of us *can*.  




The one person who successfully submitted his CPEs used Chrome on a Mac (Sierra) for his logon session to I've tried that browser on that platform as well, as well as other combinations of platform/browser, but I and another colleague get this error


URL displayed is

Error text reads

"We can't log you in. Check for an invalid assertion in the SAML Assertion Validator (available in Single Sign-On Settings) or check the login history for failed logins."




Called to report the issue to Customer support and was told this was a known issue with new portal software and to check back this week.  But still no luck for me.


Can anyone from ISC2 comment on when this might be fixed? Or see if it's something related to the creation of our new accounts? 




P.S. Using my newfound skills as a CISSP, I'd like to point out that valuable information has been leaked through this error message. I know what software suite is being used for authentication behind the scenes, and that SAML is the authentication protocol in use.  Is this a case of the barber's kids with the bad haircuts, not practicing what is preached? 🙂 

ISC2 Former Staff

Hello @flossytungsten


This is an issue that our team is working on at the moment. I do not have an ETA to share on when it will be fixed; however, I will be merging your post into a larger thread that we have going here in the Community. As we get updates on fixes in the portal, we will be updating that thread and you should get notifications from there. Member support can also assist if you need any further assistance on this. 





Samantha O'Connor
(ISC)² Online Community Manager

I did four of the ISC Infosecurity Professional magazine quizzes in April.  None of them has posted.  Previously these posted automatically.  I have sent copies of the certs in via the CPE maintenance page.  Still nothing.  What is going on?

Newcomer I

Gaving the same problem