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Newcomer I

CPE not getting credited automatically

I have completed one following EMEA seminar


20 SIEM Use Cases in 40 Minutes Which Ones Have You Mastered?


But I am yet to receive 1 CPE for this. Do i need to manually apply for it? If yes, Can someone please suggest how to do it? Is this part of group A or group B? Thank you.


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Community Champion



CPEs for viewing the webinars on BrightTalk should get added automatically --- so long as you have created a BrighTalk account that includes your (ISC)2 certification number / ID when registering on their site. 


How long as it been since you watched the webinar? If it's gone past 5 days, and your BrightTalk account does have your (ISC)2 certification number, then take the following steps: -


  1. Login to your BrightTalk account, navigate to 'My Viewing History' and download the 'Viewing Certificate' for the specific webinar --- if you watched the webinar for the minimal duration required, the certificate will state both the date and duration.
  2. Contact (ISC)2 member support --- preferably directly on the site of (ISC)2 --- and query them on this, after which they may ask you for the details of the webinar attendance, which you can obtain from the certificate. If they then direct you to add the CPEs manually, do so. (Just be sure to retain the certificate for proof.)

(You should track the CPEs yourself, say, using a worksheet, so that you can act if the portal doesn't reflect your CPEs properly.)


(@amandavanceISC2, can you provide a link with the instructions to add the CPEs? I believe the directions are already available on the site, but I haven't done it manually in a while...)



Shannon D'Cruz,
Community Champion

Here are a couple of posts on this subject by Amanda:


If after 5 business days any CPEs you should be due haven't been added automatically I would just add them manually. If they are also added automatically at some point after you have added them manually just delete one of the duplicate entries.


Here are the steps from the two posts linked above summarised accordingly:


1. Enter begin/end date
2. Select 'no' to event sponsored by (ISC)² (even if it was, always select no)
3. Education (tab)
4. Education Courses and Seminars


You may submit CPEs in increments of 0.25 per 15 mins of learning.


I recommend going through the CPE Portal Guide and CPE Portal Tutorial if you haven't read them before - both of these can be accessed through the CPE Portal.


I'd also recommend reading the CPE Handbook as this will help you know the difference between Group A and Group B CPE activities - the instructions above will submit your CPEs as Group A which is correct as the webinar content pertains directly to some of the domains of your CISSP certification:


Newcomer I

Thank you so much @AlecTrevelyan @Shannon for your quick help!!

Much appreciated.

Newcomer I


Starting this weekend, I started observing error message "Required fields are missing: [Group]", being reported while adding any CPEs.

I am following the following steps:

1. Select NO for "Have the CPEs been fulfilled by ISC2?

2. Select a CPE type as "Education"

3. Select "Education courses and seminars".

4. Entering all the details and uploading an evidence pdf file.

5. Clicking on Save and Continue

6. Select the specific Group A domains

7. Submit and then get the error "Required fields are missing: [Group]"


Please assist if anyone else has seen this and what is the resolution?



Viewer II

I noticed same problem today. Do you have the solution?
Community Manager

@MarkoK @ashish2_sapra2 


This should be corrected as of this morning.