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Security Podcasts

What are your favorite sources of industry news?


I like the CyberWire podcast - available on all the major podcast feeds.  Others that are good?

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His is on that is on my list, in the PocketCast app.
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The Cyberwire is pretty good, less the adverts involved. Though they are at least relative to the audience.


SANS Internet Storm Centre daily podcast is short and sweet also.


(I've tried to make suggestions to further your options, as a fair few are alreayd mentioned above)



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ISC StormCast  Daily Podcast

ISF Podcasts

Stratfor Podcast


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I haven't listened to many, but the INFOSEC podcast I love is Down The Security Rabbit Hole. No ads, great audio quality, fantastic guests/interviews, and I find myself agreeing with just about everything they have to say.

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My favorite podcast is Down the Security Rabbit Hole (DtSR) because it talks about important topics that are not technical, but just as important for a well rounded security professional. 

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One to consider is Brakeing Down Security - no ads


In addition to that I listen to Down The Security Rabbit Hole, Security Now, and Cyberwire already mentioned.


I have a long commute but those fill it up with a little time for other things to listen to that are non-security related. I will be watching this list and the other mentioned a few posts back to see if there are some I may switch over to.


Thanks for providing this topic!

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My favorites are; Security Now ( ) and Internet Storm Center ( ).
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Thanks for the list. You can add these ones:


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One thing that makes or breaks listening to Podcasts is the application you use.  


For years, I just used the built-in Apple "Podcasts" app.  After upgrading to iOS 11 the app did some really stupid things (it would not automatically download and play the next podcast) and I went looking for a new application. 


I asked around and one application that popped up was "". allowed me to create an account, pick the podcasts I wanted, set some with a priority (so they played first), let me speed them up, cut out dead air space and pick up listening on any device.


So I could start a Podcast on a phone, pick it up later on a tablet and finish it on a computer.


This app was not free and I do not think it works natively on an android phone but other than that it is very good.  


What application do you use?





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Lots of good resources...time to do some homework