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Newcomer II

Cannot access Free for (ISC)² Members professional development courses

I can't seem to access the free for members courses located here:


If I click "Add To Cart", it wants me to pay. If I log into the site and try to enroll in one of the courses (e.g., the page at, and click "Free for members", it redirects me to the LMS page ( but no courses appear.


I've tried emailing member support about this, but have not received a response. I tried contacting D2L support via their web chat, and they said they would have to escalate the issue to (ISC)² support. So I have no idea how to get access to these courses. Any help would be appreciated.

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Viewer III

Hi @Kaity 


I also have the access issue. I paid on Dec 21 but still not able to access those free courses.


Could you help me to check?




Community Manager

Hello @wilsonlee - I've reached out to my colleague in the education team to get this resolved. Hopefully you'll be all set this afternoon.

Viewer II

It seems they have not resolved the issue with the free courses for members. I’m trying access now, been on chat with them and still not luck. I’ve disabled all security features on my device as they stated and still no luck.


Ironic how they demand you disable all security functions on your device to allow their product to work when they are a security body themselves. Am I the only one with an issue with this?

Viewer II

I have since found that there are only 3 browsers which are supported. 

Chrome, Edge and Firefox. 

As soon as I went in through Chrome (instead of Safari), free member courses immediately worked! 

All security features on my device are switched on!! 

Community Champion

Thanks for feeding back.

Bit of a shame if it doesn’t work with Safari - after all it’s the second most popular browser by market share:

Hello team,

I'm having this same issue with my account. Would be nice to get back to some learning and earn some CPEs.

Ranjit Chougale