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CC Exam Preparation



For those who have passed the entry level CC exam, can you let me know if the online material provided by ISC is enough to study for the exam?


Are there any recommended books or supplemental material that can be used such as practice exams etc?



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@Adamo1, heartiest congratulations, and may you enjoy your holidays celebrating the success of your passing the exam. Your advice will help many students clear the exam. Moreover, I attest to your advice -->

I think a key part of the exam is taking your time and reading the question clearly. Make sure you understand it fully before selecting an answer. And stay calm.


As many of my mentors have always been guiding me while reading the answers that there exist very few questions having wrong options and moreover most of those questions have all right answers. It is just that the candidate has to select The MOST Accurate Answer among All the Correct Answers which has to be by the Scope and curriculum of the exam.


For Example: In the CC exam, the answers have to be selected from a student's or a beginner's point-of-view while in CISSP the answer has to be selected from a Team Lead or a Manager's point of view.

Er. Tapan Jatakia (C.Eng.)
Cell: +919664332984
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yes i am cc exam prepration 

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ISC2 CC Exam Experience


I can see it is a Hard and Easy Exam, Here below my Study plan...
- ISC2 CC Official Training [Self Study]
- Watch Linkedin Learn Mike Chapple - ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Cert Prep [Enlish Training]
- Watch Youtube Channel Ehab Badwi - Secure the humans [Arabic Training]


Focus on the below and know the different

- Risk Management

- Incident Response (IR), Business Continuity (BC), and Disaster Recovery (DR)
- Security control


hey! May I ask how long you studied for the course? 

Newcomer I

I started the course in November and I’m taking the exam in Feb.--
Andrea Myler
Newcomer I

3 months minimum.

Get Outlook for iOS<>
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Good Morning All,


I just wanted to provide an update. I have passed the exam!


Here is what helped.

Studied the free online material for about 3 months (Printed all end of chapter summaries)

Written down notes from the videos.

In my opinion this material wasn't enough to pass.


Supplemental Material-

Watched Mike Chapple's CC training material on LinkedIn (These were very helpful and on point)



I also took a lot of notes from these videos to review.


Hope this helps others.



Newcomer II

On top of all the study materials, I would suggest you also take the pre-assessment test; that way, you know which areas you need to work on more.
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Hello Everyone,  how to get the study guide

Newcomer II

I haven't seen an official study guide for CC. While ISC2 does sell an e-textbook: 

Official ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) eTextbook, they do warn you that it is not a study guide per se.


I would recommend Thor Pedersen's study guides, which you can get by taking The Complete Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) course ISC2 '23 | Udemy

If the price is more than $20, wait a few days and check again, as Udemy frequently offers their courses at discounted prices.