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CC Exam Preparation



For those who have passed the entry level CC exam, can you let me know if the online material provided by ISC is enough to study for the exam?


Are there any recommended books or supplemental material that can be used such as practice exams etc?



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For material to prepare for your ISC2 certification. I recommend that you check out the valuable information available for you at this great post:

Newcomer II

@Eniola12 wrote:

Please anyone can share with me the material

Also @Tahir 


ISC2 offer the training materials for the CC exam, for free. You can find all information about the free offer here ->


Aside from the free, online training and the official flash cards, there are no officially endorsed study materials.


As others have suggested, you can substitute or add to the official materials by using online training materials for CompTIA's Security+ exam. But, I must warn you that Sec+ also covers topics that are outside of the scope of the CC exam. 

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Hello Simone123,

    Certification exams only use the information, not the exact words, from the official study material.  It is not allowable nor ethical for an exam proctor to change any part of the exams.  Did you go through the questions at the end of the study guide several times?  How long did you study?  You do not need to reply to my questions, they are for you.

    For any certification exam, the exact questions and answers are never released.  That would be the same as cheating.  Certification exams are to test whether you understand the concepts of the study materials, that is, you are given exam questions to test your understanding of the exam material.

    Try going through the study material again.  It would help you if you can remember some of the questions from your exam, and tie them with the study material.

    Please do not give up.

Viewer III

Very true, it seems that the Pearson exam is created to fail those who do not have experience or have investigated much more thoroughly, for example with material from other providers such as Security +, otherwise they do not pass only with the course material.

Newcomer I

With regards to the latter point on the need to do some extra investigation study, surely thats a good thing. It is encouraged in the training. Otherwise the certification has little to no value to an employer or the individual.  I'm guessing Pearson only preside over the test as opposed to setting it? 

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Hi @jc2022 , as others have said, i believe the material contained in the course is enough. I passed the exam this past weekend and I have no Cyber or IT background. I'll share my method of studying; your mileage may vary. 


First step was scheduling the exam, i need a deadline as a forcing function to keep me on track (you may or may not need this).


I printed out the Chapter (domains) resources 1-5 (each of which are  located at the corresponding chapter summaries module). Next, I printed out the exam outline and used that as my study framework. Then I went back through the entire course and made additional notes in the printed Chapter resources (via adobe) making sure I captured the info that was listed on the exam outline in detail. 


I studied 30-45 minutes a day for four weeks. I prioritized studying the chapters (domains) based on each weighted average of the test i.e., D.1 / 26%, D.2 / 10%, etc. (this info is in the exam outline).  I used isc2's quizlet flash cards too. The test isn't a definitions test, so I wouldn't spend to much time memorizing, but they will help you understand/identify and differentiate between data quickly.    


Best of luck in your studies

Newcomer I

Hi @chumphr33 ,


Thank you for providing this detailed feedback. 


I've been preparing myself, but haven't scheduled an exam date.


Was hoping to gather some practice exam resources to reinforce my studies.

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I highly agree, just came from testing center and failed miserable. I prepared very well for this exam and completed Mike CHappel course atleast 4 times and then self pace study material atleast 3 times but I dont know how I failed. 

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Interesting that you read the highest level content (CISSP) for the foundational exam! Congrats!