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Newcomer I

CC Exam Preparation



For those who have passed the entry level CC exam, can you let me know if the online material provided by ISC is enough to study for the exam?


Are there any recommended books or supplemental material that can be used such as practice exams etc?



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Thank you. Which of Mike Chappel's sessions?

Reader I

Man that's crazy, I skimmed through the content and did the exam provided which I passed thinking it would be enough to do the exam in a week. Yes I have 7 years in IT but this is just crazy tbh
Newcomer II

@anamkarim2 wrote:

I prepared very well for this exam and completed Mike CHappel course atleast 4 times and then self pace study material atleast 3 times but I dont know how I failed. 

There's a difference between going over the course materials and reading them, versus comprehending what ISC2 want you to learn and understand. 


When you took the exam, what did you experience? How do you know you "failed miserably"?


  • Did you read questions and just go completely blank? As in "I don't understand any of this?! What is this stuff?!".
  • Did you fail on the factual knowledge? Run into any terms or abbreviations that you just could not put into context?
  • Did you understand all the questions, but then answered from your personal experience instead of based on the ISC2 code of ethics?

For the latter, there's a nice example in the practice tests! There's a question about you finding out that some people you're in a group with are sharing tools to attack companies online and it asks you what to do. Many people instinctively say "call the police", which is 100% wrong based on ISC2's code and on how you should/would handle this in real life. 


Please how do i get the free self pace online exam materials provided for CC

i need help on how to get it

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I failed on my first attempt, even after going through all study material and practise test. The actual exam consist of questions which are not even in study material, which was very shocking for me. Please suggest which practice test did you follow, as I am sitting second time in Jan'2023.

Newcomer I

Basically, I think the online "(ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Self-Paced Training" is enough for the exam. I passed the exam on 17th Oct, 2022 with my 1st try. Here is my note taking from the online self-paced training, hope it can help you to follow/organize the contents more easily.





Newcomer I

Basically, I think the online self-pace training is enough. I took & passed the exam on 17th Oct, 2022. Here is my note taking from the self-pace training. Hope it can help you in some ways.




Newcomer III

Thank you for sharing your study map. I will definitely use it during while taking this course.
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Hi I am trying to get a study guide for the ISC2 CC entry level Cert.

Newcomer I

Hi. Taken and passed the test today.


Majority of the test was based on the ISC2 material and it should be sufficient 80-90%.  There were several questions though that were not in it.


Best of luck