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CISSP Endorsement Wait

Hello all!


For those waiting on your CISSP Endorsement Review approval from ISC2, the wait will continue.  It has been over 6 weeks since my endorsement was submitted and I just received the following:


"Typically, the endorsement review process runs around 4-6 weeks; however, due to a system upgrade, we are currently running closer to 8 weeks. This could be done sooner than the 8 weeks, we just ask to allow the full time for review."


So it looks like we are all in for longer wait times post endorsement. 


Happy Waiting!!

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Viewer II

Became official on 02/01/2019 - On profile

Endorsement submitted -  02/11/2018

Email Confirmation received - 03/11/2018

Nothing after that .

Gave a call to ISC on 02/01/2018 - Spoke to one very nice lady she checked my profile and said there is a lot of back log and as you are over 2 months i will see to your case personally. Received confirmation email on 03/01/2019 that I am Cissp


Thanks ISC for excellent customer service.

Contributor II

Congratulations Mister Singh!
Chandra Mouli, CISSP, CCSP, CSSLP
Newcomer I

Exam provisionally passed : 10/10/2018
Provisionally passed email from ISC2: 11/10/2018
Endorsement Application submitted on: 11/10/2018
Endorsement application being processed email from ISC2: «not received»

Status in Endorsement app: Your application for Associate Membership has been received but processing by (ISC)² has not yet started.

I sent an email to on 12/18/2018 but have received neither a response nor even an acknowledgement of my email.  [EDIT: I recognize that I'm not yet a member but the recommendation to use that email address was made in the email confirming the examination results and in several other threads in this forum]

That is 88 days without any form of contact received from ISC². 

Newcomer I

I got my confirmation/acceptance of endorsement email on 01/05/19.


Exam Passed: 11/05/18

Endorsement submitted: 11/05/18

Acceptance/confirmation of CISSP status: 01/05/19.


I heard there is a huge backlog and that's causing this delay. Thanks ISC2 for finishing up this process and helping me in my career growth.


Best of luck to all who are still waiting, you will get it

Newcomer I

While the delay itself is somewhat irksome it is the lack of communication from ISC that I am most troubled by. 


I'm not sure I should have to go to the community forums to discover that the delay on endorsements is substantially greater than expected.  I would have expected an email.  Surely it'd be a trivial task to email endorsement candidates?  The fact I received the examination results suggests that they have the right email address.


And the delay does appear to be substantially greater.  When I first read about the delay it was 4-6 weeks.  Now it is advertised as up to 8 weeks.  Except of course I've still not heard anything from ISC even after more than 12 weeks..


At the very least I would have hoped for a simple acknowledgement of the receipt of my email - especially as the email was itself expressing concern about the lack of communication from ISC.


I can only hope the endorsement process is completed before the allotted nine months is up... 😉



That being said: congratulations to all those have passed and good luck to all those that are waiting.

Newcomer I

Exam Passed: 11/03/18

Endorsement submitted: 11/06/18


1/07/19- Still no confirmation



your numbers give me hope! The backlog is crazy there. I called today and to be honest it actually took a while to get through. I have yet to get my confirmation but customer support said it should be any time this week. hopefully today or tomorrow. They identified that for some reason there was a ton of applications at the end of the year. 

Newcomer I

Exam Passed: 11/03/18

Endorsement submitted: 11/06/18

1/08/19- Confirmation Via Site!


I never got an email with confirmation, but I am now an active member on the site and hold the CISSP designation! 



Newcomer I

Exam Passed: 10/26/18

Endorsement submitted: 11/01/18

CISSP Awarded on: 01/07/18


I noticed the Member Dashboard displayed my CISSP status early on 1/7, then I received the "Congrats" email late that same evening. Looks like the timeline for endorsement is just over 9 weeks. Hopefully the backlog dwindles down a bit, and the endorsement turn around time improves.


BTW, thank you @amandavanceISC2 for keeping me sane during the wait 🙂


@ammo335 My pleasure, and I do apologize for the wait. Congratulations!

Newcomer I

Exam Passed: 12/8/2018

Endorsement submitted: 12/9/2018

CCSP Awarded on: TBD but I'm hoping it comes soon. 


This is for the CCSP. I already have a CISSP so the endorsement part should be quick. I'm not sure why it will take 9 weeks for ISC2 to confirm that I already have a CISSP.