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Community Manager

(ISC)² Community:  Rankings and Badges

By being an active participant in the (ISC)² Community, you can climb the ranks of membership!  Ranks represent the level of participation and contribution that a member has made to the community.  As you spend more time on the forum, engage in positive discussion, and help other members, you will move up the ranks!  Below is the current (ISC)² Community’s ranking structure:


  • Viewer
  • Reader
  • Newcomer
  • Contributor
  • Advocate
  • Defender
  • Influencer

In addition, the (ISC)² Community offers a variety of badges that you can earn for simply starting a discussion or posting an image, or receiving kudos or responding to discussions. Through your affiliation and involvement with (ISC)², you can also earn badges for being an (ISC)² credential holder, volunteer or participating in an (ISC)² event.  Lastly, there are always “fun” badges that you can earn throughout the year, just for being a part of the (ISC)² Community!  Check in often to see what badge you can earn next!

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer/Member Engagement Manager
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52 Replies
Reader I

Always nice when you can gamify something like community communication.
Chadwick L. Morris, CISSP
Contributor I

Very enlightening information and I was looking for this kind of guidance regarding the badges.

Thank you for sharing this information with us.

Best Regards,


Newcomer III

Why is Credly showing my CISSP as expired when it is valid until Feb 2024 please ? [(ISC)² Member ID 502970]