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Influencer II


Some of us in the CISSPforum have been wondering whether the new "community" is subject to censorship.  Wonder no more!  It is.

Today I received an email notification that someone replied to the "Show Us How You Enrich. Enable. Excel. & Earn Badges in the (ISC)² Community!" topic.  The contribution wasn't particularly great, or even germane.  It read, "Does anyone have any information or some sort of nugget on BlockChain Security? Or some BlockChain Security Hygiene."

However, if you go to that topic, you won't find that reply.  It's been removed.  Or, actually, moved.  You can find it if you go to "Discussions," then "Industry News," and then the topic "BlockChain Security."

Overall, I agree with the moderators' decision.  Blockchain questions have nothing to do with badges.  However, it does prove that discussions are being "managed."


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2 Replies
ISC2 Former Staff

Thank you for bringing your concerns to the Community. You are correct in that comment about BlockChain Security was moved to its own thread under Industry News. This was done as a moderation step, like you mentioned, to keep the original thread (about the new Community Badges) on topic. Within this Community, there are some tools that are in place to help keep this a friendly, professional forum. On top of this, we will moderate the forums and move items throughout the Community, if it makes sense.

Our goal with all of this is not to censor anyone but to create a space where people can find the right information in the right place, feel comfortable contributing to the Community, and to create a healthy, lively Community of cybersecurity professionals.

Samantha O'Connor
(ISC)² Online Community Manager
Newcomer III

Useful, germane, and helpful. Moderation and censorship are NOT the same thing - nor should they be.