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Got an email saying I'm registered for "ISC2-DEVSECOPS-MBR" os this legit?

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Viewer II

i got that email too.


I'm treating it as spear fishing.

Newcomer I

Had my doubts too... Smiley Happy

It's legit, go to your courses page... 

ISC2 Former Staff

Hello everyone,

Apologies for any confusion here. The course is real and free and you should have received an email explaining that. Our learning management system jumped the gun a bit and sent the email before we could send OUR email. It’s a real email and a real free course – and worth 5 CPEs – again sorry for any confusion!

Thank you for letting us know about this. We hope you enjoy the course if you choose to take it.

Samantha O'Connor
(ISC)² Online Community Manager
Newcomer I

Samantha, do the CPEs get credited automatically, or do we need to manually add them?




@TomSweet Thank you for your inquiry. You will need to manually upload your CPEs using the instructions below.


1. Enter begin/end date

2. Select 'no' to (ISC)2 offered event

3. Education (tab)

4. 'Online webinar, podcast or other online training'

    a. 5 CPEs


Best Regards,
Amanda Vance



Newcomer III

you can smash it in a few hours and slap that cert on your CPE stack.


It was a bit buggy on a few screens.


pay attention to the questions since they are mostly repeated at the end.

Newcomer III

I just finished this course in about a couple of hours.  It's not bad.  The company I work for just finished sending most of the IT department to Agile DevOps training so there was a lot of information I already knew.  If you know or work in DevOps, this free course should be rather easy to go through as well as pretty good information on basic understanding integrating Security into DevOps as well as an easy 5 CPE's