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Newcomer II

Cyber Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations

I am interested in your thoughts on the best cyber security information sharing and analysis organizations. I realize that it will depend on industry and the type of information you are looking for, but please offer up your top one or two recommendations.





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Advocate I

Can you be a bit more specific on what types of information your seeking? Otherwise my intial list will run into the dozens if not more not including paid services and paywalls.


Quick list off the top of my head:


Virus, virii and worms?


Phishing, Spear phishing and whaling?

SANS Diary level of detail?

Private intelligence gathering?

Technical distribution, eg any number of forensic sites I can think of from desktops to phones. Huge list of peer lists and sites.

Twitter feeds?


Again, to be at all helpful here you need to be somewhat specific as most of the above sites are going to be niche orientated or not detailed enough to bother with regularly.



Influencer II

There's a search function on this "community."  If you don't like it (and, I admit, it's pig slow), you can just use Google, if you add "" to the search terms.


If, in the search box, you just type a word, by default (you can also turn it off) you start to get suggestions.


For example, if you type "resource" you get suggestions like Web security design and CPEs.


If you type "twitter" you get this as well as this.


However, in general the best way to keep up is to subscribe to the RISKS-Forum Digest.


But, I agree.  If you want to get good answers to your question, you need to be more specific.


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Newcomer II

Hi Beads,


Thank you for taking the time to reply and offer up a few examples. I was hoping to start a thread that could be used in the community as a reference and potentially raise awareness around new information sources.


Twitter is a great example of a current threat intel feed. What accounts do you find the most useful? I also like to follow RSS feeds like ThreatPost.


Another way to think about it is that there are organizations that can help with the strategic, technical feeds for the tactical, and intelligence 'news' feeds that can provide actionable alerts.


Thanks to all who are willing to share their go-to sources.



Newcomer II



That is great information! Thanks also for the information on finding information on past posts.