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Newcomer I

Professional Development Institute

I received an email from announcing the Professional Development Institute. I clicked on the link provided and was taken to PDI website. I logged in with my isc2 credentials, but was presented with a "Not authorized" screen. I tried to enroll in another course and received the same message. isc.PNG

Thanks for your help!

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Community Manager

We'll fix that. Our PDI team is aware. Some of our newer members may not yet be enrolled yet. 

Viewer III

When can we expect a fix for this as I still encounter the same issue since the latest courses were announced?


As a member since Sep2018 I had to ask for the GDPR course to be added and made available manually on my account and suspect the latest course additions will require a similar action to resolve.




Hello Jarred, hello ISC2 


I found that the availability issue was registered in February. I receive the same error in August. Is this service still offered?

just in terms of expectation management, I would not ask for it in case it would not have been published 🙂


Thank you,


ISC2 Former Staff

Hello @sfrunze


Thank you for posting, I am happy to help you with this. Please feel free to reach out to from your primary email address and include your Member ID. This goes directly to the team that can best assist you. You can also send that information to me through the Community if that is easier through the Private Message feature and I can send along to that team internally. 








Samantha O'Connor
(ISC)² Online Community Manager