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ISSAP Exam Confirmation

I took and passed the ISSAP exam on Oct 21, 2019, and have yet to receive any type of notification or confirmation from ISC2. I just have the printout I received at the testing center indicating that i "provisionally passed."


I received notification from ISC2 just a few days after passing my CISSP, so I'm wondering what is causing the delay, or if the notification process is different for subsequent examinations.

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Community Champion

Congratulations and welcome to the ISSAP club!


The notification should be the same for all certifications (i.e. 2-5 business days) but it's not unknown for the emails to go missing.


Have you tried to submit your endorsement application?


When you do that, if it complains that you need to have passed the exam within the last 9 months then you'll need to speak to Member Services as this would indicate your issue is more than just a missing email.


If you do need to contact them, my recommendation is to call them first thing tomorrow and keep calling until you speak to someone as leaving voicemails or sending emails takes a while to get a response, and you've been patient enough!


Newcomer III

Congrats on the pass! Can you share what resources you used?


Community Manager

Congrats on passing! Member services can help answer your questions regarding endorsement, etc.

ISC2 Community Manager