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Double payment request on website

So, I always pay my AMF's up front.


It helps me not have to worry about them all the time.


Normally, I pay, get online (once every few months) and see that I owe 0. Great.


This time, I paid, got a receipt, and see that I still owe 85$'s.


I noticed someone else also paid and is still being charged.


Someone needs to check the system or the accounting dept.


I am not going to pay twice.


Once is sore enough.


Mike Glassman, CISSP
Iguana man
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@Shannon Please disregard the number on the dashboard at this time since you made the payment for the first year of the new three-year cycle. On March 1, 2019 (once your three-year cycle renews), this should update to the correct total which would be $125.00 due March 1, 2020. 


New three-year cycle - March 1, 2019 through February 29, 2022


Year 2: due March 1, 2020

Year 3: due March 1, 2021


Also note, there will not be an option to pay for an entire three-year cycle once you renew. Going forward it will just be one year at a time, at the beginning of each cycle year.


If you would like to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to email me.


Amanda Vance

Community Champion


@amandavanceISC2, thanks for clarifying that...




Shannon D'Cruz,
Viewer III

Hi Amanda, I have the exact same problem. I have paid in full for the previous three year cycle and I have just paid $85 for year 1 (2019) and I am still being told that I owe $85. Please would it be possible if this misleading payment demand is resolved as it is going to confuse and annoy a lot of members?


@Monty99 Thank you for your comment. This should be resolved now. Please email me with your primary email address and member ID and I will check your account and give you an update on why it is showing that.


I look forward to hearing from you.

-Amanda Vance

Viewer II

I absolutely agree that this is a blatant cash grab by isc2. For an organization that is supposed to represent ethics I fail to see this as anything other than unethical exploitation of your members. I paid my dues in March like I do every year and I received a notice that my certification had been suspended for non-payment of dues.

I thought perhaps I missed a payment so I called to be reinstated at which point to iearned that isc2 just decided to double their fee revenue this year by blackmailing its members.

Obviously I and most others will pay it so we do not lose our certification but it sets a very bad precedent and feels incredibly unethical on the part of the organization.

I like all other long-standing members are paying $170 this year with no discernable benefit.
Community Champion

@Kemckinn wrote:
I thought perhaps I missed a payment so I called to be reinstated at which point to I learned that isc2 just decided to double their fee revenue...

The AMF changes were quite the discussion on this community a few months back.  Feel free to read (ISC)²'s announcement, and the primary discussion. Quite a few feathers were ruffled.


(ISC)² did sent out quite a few emails about this.  You might want to look into why you did not get the bulk mailings over the past few months warning about the off-cycle payment requirement.  Places to check are the "email preferences" on the (ISC)² web site and your "bulk mail" folder. 


Oh, I see you joined today.  Welcome aboard and we hope you stick around and join the actual security discussions.   There is more to the community than just member support.  In particular, check out the "industry news" and our other discussion boards.  Also, drop by the "board of directors election" group to help understand who you would like to see elected to the board.


Viewer II

Hi Mate
Even I am facing same issue. I paid 85$ for next year AMC in advance however again a message appeared in my dashboard to pay 125$ and top of that ISC2 showed in acclaim that my badge is expired ( in my case 120 cpe were applied before time and payment done in advance)
I made the payment of $ 125 just to avoid revocation of certificate.
Looks like a glitch or ISC2 website is hacked ?