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Advocate I

CPE Portal Still a Mess - Nov 2018

This is a fresh start thread so members can stay current on the ongoing saga of what a mess the CPE portal is and has been since last spring.

The primary (but not sole) thread on this topic is now exactly seven months old and still going strong, having initiated on April 10, 2018, with posts as recent as today, November 10:

Updated CPE Portal & Annual requirements


Interested parties  include @rslade@ljschneiter@Ben_Malisow@Flyslinger2@eparedes_214@SamanthaO_isc2@amandavanceISC2 and many others. 


One current problem with the CPE portal is the initial opening; the CPE page hangs with a nearly unending "Loading..." circle.  My tests this morning suggest a problem with the Single Sign On (SSO) relationship mediated at once a member has signed in at and then selected the View/Edit CPEs link from the Members dropdown menu. On one try this morning it took three minutes to resolve and open; on  subsequent try I gave up after five minutes.


Another problem currently happening is a mismatch between information on the dashboard page and the actual details available on the View and Active Transcript selections. In my case, all three agree that i have 55% of my CPE accrued (66 credits against 120 required), which matches my personal records. However, my dashboard has a red flag indicating an open CPE audit. WHen I click the Respond To Audit link, the results page accurately shows "Status: Audit Passed," thus I do not have any CPE in audit. 


Good luck to the (ISC)2 staff on getting the CPE portal team to understand and put into play actual testing of new code before implementing it, as well as making sure the code implements the proper policies and logic rules. Also, they might cross-check the SSO intermediary processes among www, cpe, and Okta sites.


Finally data point: I tried logging in directly at 

The intercepted my login (that is OK) and accepted my username and password. but then told me I needed to create my account for CPE Portal -Prod.

Hmmm.. that is not right; it means it wants me to give me an admin account for the CPE portal.

Shall I try for that and see if I get one?




Dr. D. Cragin Shelton, CISSP
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Viewer II

Re: CPE Portal Still a Mess - Nov 2018

I just had the same issue, while checking for my renewal date and CPE totals, as my renewal is due in December.  I got the spinning wheel of death and no response, regardless of OS/Browser. I've got to admit that I'm having some trouble understanding why a seven month-old issue involving basic functionality on a security organization's site is still not fixed.  


Any attempts to navigate to links like "My Transactions" throw the following error::


"Unable to Redirect to Web Portal, Session could not be established"


Does anyone know if the issue related to the new code, 3rd party vendors/Okta, or the backend DB?  Also, does anyone know how many  members are still affected?  Has there been an official response from ISC^2 on the issue?


Ronnie Banks, CISSP


Re: CPE Portal Still a Mess - Nov 2018

@CraginS & @lutemake4, Thank you for your posts. Please note, we are working on a few improvements and the loading error, etc. should be corrected shortly. In regards to the dashboard, this will also be updated around beginning 2019. The dashboard is currently showing the annual requirements which are no longer being enforced. Once updated, the dashboard will show your three-year renewal requirements. 


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance