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Online Proctor for CISSP due to Covid 19

I am almost ready to write the CISSP exam. My challenge is that I am based in South Africa & yesterday our government announced a 21 day lockdown to try "flatten the Covid 19 infection curve". Question is are there any plans from ISC2 to allow for online proctors to monitor an online CISSP examination? I have checked with Pearson vue and SA is not listed as we use 3rd party testing centers.

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@Ekeller1984 wrote:
How exactly do you cheat when you are being watched 24/7?

With a Nanny Cam.  Think about what (ISC)² believes to be their most valuable asset and it will make sense.

Advocate I

Someone would have to sit through all that footage. To quote Mr. T... I pitty the fool..

Newcomer III

Counter to what we are taught ? I might have missed that module where its stated taking home exams in a middle of the worst pandemic in 120 years. But it seems you are part of those CISSP flat earth society members that think somehow home exams and those that take them are the anti christ. I posted a while ago asking for facts about the perception that online exams are somehow bad for the integrity of the Certification. Yet it seems all I see here is just more tactless opinionated drivel. As a person that actually has taken a number of online exams this level of unsupported criticism is mind boggling. I have found the experience being a lot more secure and more convenient than taking the exam center approach. Microsoft, comptia l isaca etc have all changed there ways. There numbers are up they are doing well and people are embracing this. I would hate to see ISC fall by the way side in a time of drastic change. This lockdown situation is not going to go away soon and it could take up to a year for things to return to some form of normalcy. Its counter intuitive that people in the IT Security industry seem to base there assumptions on biased unfactual information
Newcomer I


I think you have probably suggested the most beneficial answer to this discussion and in a way that dignifies the last "P" in CISSP.

The compensating control of requiring a 2nd camera lending a birds eye view would likely quiet critics. 👏

The rest of your comments are something I would expect to find on Facebook
Newcomer III

I just want to be a member and get CISSP. now if need to take 2, 3 or more camera fix on my test, I don't care. I am a professional and I respect the decision make by ISC2 and others idea for dont permit remote control exam. by the way.

Newcomer III

you can fit 100 camera's that is not the issue but there is a mindset that
needs to change. as stated before we have perceptions driving logic which
is always a dangerous and unpredictable animal. there is no evidence to
state that home tests in any way degrades or diminishes any certification
in any form or manner. until someone can post something tangible there cant
be a proper robust discussion about this.
Advocate I

Problem with testing from home is that your breaking the ISO standard for having a qualified proctor available. If we start bending, if not breaking the rules for CV-19 why bother with using any ISO standard at all? Doesn't matter if anyone should bother with using any testing center, regardless. What would that do to the value of certification overall if there is any question about the paper holder promise that they didn't cheat while testing at home?


Sorry, but the argument doesn't hold a drop of water. You go to testing outside of a regulated, proctored facility and your asking for more doubt in the testing than its worth.




- b/eads


Newcomer III

clearly there is a difference in interpretation then. i am fully aware of
the wording but if you read the IQT Computer-Based Testing Administration
manual, there is no mention or any explicit rules stating that remote
online proctored exams violates this criteria. microsoft, comptia, isaca
the open society etc etc complies so what other gold standard is there ?

i would still love to know how one can cheat when your webcam and
microphone is active during a test. i have written multiple exams and i
have found the standards to be a lot higher than the exam centres.

what i find ironic is that once again when asked for facts i see yet
another opinion driven post. i think we have discovered our very own CISSP
flat earth society. where facts and reality are completely divorced norms
and standards. how about all those that think its heresy to not want to be
infected by a virus by writing at an exam center to maybe write it first
before you mouth off. placing peoples lifes at stake because you feel
uncomfortable about change is not a valid reason to not change.
Advocate I

Not an opinion post at all. Perhaps your completely unfamiliar with the International Standards Organization of which most certifications rely. Not unlike proper grammar we have a foundation from which to rely upon with testing, the auditing of said testing and validation of testing provided. Perhaps you were too busy looking past the URL included to bother reading the portion dedicated to proctored exams.


Understand you are in a hurry and obtaining paper is an absolute must but you really need to slow down and read what people are actually telling you not just going by your "feelings" on the matter. Without the proctor system in place, testing becomes anything but trusted not to mention who do you bravely think is going to sit through 6 plus hours of video, verify that the audio timestamp matches that video feed. Nothing was tampered, altered or otherwise genuine hundreds of times a week and you'll find your answer. No one is going to want to sit and verify such inexact information. Sorry, you are WRONG, here. The overhead to provide such testing even for a short period of time would be extremely expensive and easily challenged. That's why the ISC(2) and most others follow the ISO guidelines.


Its hard to take your rebuttable seriously when you cannot even capitalize your first words let alone prove you cannot cheat the exam while sitting for a remote exam. Cheating would be trivial without extreme verification or an affidavit from the proctor. Even then I would be very skeptical.


Hold on for a couple more weeks till this starts to blow over. The exam will still be waiting for you.


- b/eads

Newcomer III

Blow over ??? maybe you have been practicing your self isolation a bit to
well as you seem to have missed quite a bit in terms of external
developments happening in the world. Try more 12 to 18 months globally or
does your world only revolve around your house to your nearest testing
center. Denialism is not an attractive personality trait. This not a bad
pizza that you bought from a local pizzeria

Once again read the iso guidelines that you have alluded to. Your argument
is flawed as you somehow thing having a remote proctor is somehow not a
proctor makes no sense. In legal terms it's a question of interpretation
while the other major vendors seem to have a grip on this it seem the flat
earthers are stuck in a bit if pickle.

If you feel so strongly about it then I suggest you take a remote exam and
post it on here. If your dedicated to the truth why not actually go through
the experience. Is that no a more proactive approach instead of trying to
play the role of a grammar nazi in an effort to sell yourself as a pseudo

Peoples safety and security trumps personal opinion and unfounded claims
and fears. There is enough controls in place to conduct a test with
measures of control and control.