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CISSP NDA - Refused - Help

Hello All,


I am based in the UK and attempted to write the CISSP exam on the 19th of December 2020. Got to the test centre, was the first one to arrive even before they opened. Was called to perform the initial checks (photo, signature, proof of ID and so on) with the first person. You usually have to see the second person, where you usually have to show your ID again and that person tells you where to sit in the exam room. But immediately as I got there before doing anything, I asked to go to the toilet. So went to the toilet and came back to see the second person to finally go into the exam room to start the exam. I show my ID again and was told to sit at table X. When I get to the computer, I see a message on the screen saying that the time to accept the NDA had timed out and consequently I got refused to write the exam. I immediately called the person just outside the exam room, when he got there he says "oh, I have never seen this before...". 

So I think he was making up excuses because he started the exam without my knowledge most likely hence why when I got there the NDA had already timed out.


I was really frustrated as you can imagine, you spent months preparing for this exam, spending little time with my family and going through all the stress.


An incident was raised and because it was a Saturday, there was not much I could do as Pearson Vue were closed. So the following Monday I called Pearson Vue and they told me that they would investigate and provide feedback within 48 hours usually.

Waited for 3 days and no feedback. Called them again and was told to wait another 2 days.

This has been ongoing until today (almost 1 month has passed now) unfortunately, without any proper feedback. I have sent them numerous emails and called them so many times, spending countless hours on the phone while they check all the notes and contact people and so on.

Despite all this effort, all I get is "we apologize for the inconvenience, we are investigating, please wait another X days/hours".


I am VERY frustrated with this and with such TERRIBLE customer service, what an awful experience. Have any of you had a similar experience with Pearson Vue please? I would really like to get this escalated, but unfortunately looks like I have ran out of ideas/options.


Apologies for the long post but do you have any more ideas please? What else do you think I could do? Would really appreciate your help if possible.


Many Thanks!

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I had this issue TODAY - did you ever get it sorted with ISC2?


Newcomer I

I did not have this issue when I took the CCSP exam recently, but perhaps the following can help others that take a ISC2 exam.

The people at the Pearson Vue center I went to told me that after they start the exam and I sit down, to read the information (quickly) because there is a timer on the NDA section. If I did not respond to the NDA within the allocated time, it would cancel the attempt and they could not restart it again.


Suggestion is to take care of anything that needs to be done prior to them initiating the exam. Once you sit down in front of the computer for the exam, get through the NDA section prior to the time out.