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Online Proctored Certifications

Hi there. I completed a CCSP training course in the first week of April. I've seen previous posts on this subject, but I wondered if the position may have changed as the lockdown across the globe is continuing with no sign of lifting yet (in the UK anyway)? The below was back in March. It is frustrating knowing that with every week that passes, it gets harder to keep prepared for the exam. Other certification providers seem to have embraced this approach and I would like to hear about your position. Thanks!


Previous response on another board:


"Regarding Online Testing: 


Online testing for (ISC)² certification exams is not currently available. Unlike many IT certifications that most candidates are familiar with, balancing reliability, validity, security and psychometric demands of (ISC)² professional cybersecurity examinations is significantly complex and time consuming endeavor. As a developer of ANSI accredited certifications, we need to ensure our exams continue to adhere to the same rigorous standards regardless of the administration method. We understand the challenges the health crisis is placing on test takers, and we are aggressively exploring solutions that ensure the integrity of the certification process while making our exams more accessible.  As (ISC)² negotiates the significant challenges in exploring additional administration pathways, we appreciate your patience.



(ISC)² Community Manager"
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ISC2's Covid-19 response can be found below and that page will be updated as and when things change:


A specific response to the online testing query is linked to on the above page, but can be navigated to directly here:


I know some Pearson VUE test centres have been open again since 1st May in the US, and in some countries they never closed at all. So perhaps this is more of a question about when Pearson VUE will be opening up again in the UK?


In terms of answering your actual question, this is obviously just my opinion...


Just because other certification vendors are offering online testing, doesn't necessarily mean ISC2 should as well. As my dad used to say, if all your friends jumped off a cliff does that mean you would too?


That being said, I think they will offer online testing in due course but don't expect it anytime soon.


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I just took my CCSP certification exam with Pearson Vue last Friday (Concord, NH). The facility was really on the ball and took all necessary precautions including hand sanitizer, maintaining 6' apart, and number of people testing at once. This facility also mandated face masks before sitting for the exam. They sent me several emails stating to bring a face mask or reschedule. I'm sure facilities may vary based on locale, but my experience went well.