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Newcomer II

Finally Passed CISSP !!! Need Help

I have done quite few certs but this one is different, I had an idea when I got SSCP but this time it was different. I have started it 15 days ago and saw some videos on Pluralsight, CISSP videos on YouTube 7-8 hours then off course 11th hour CISSP. I love this book though. it is simple and easy but very insightful. I had ISC2 books long time ago but lost them.


So I have 15 years of experience in IT and working as CTO for a company and here is the Tip only 20% exam was from book/material in simple English and 30-40% was encrypted but from same material. Rest is your understanding as a manager from your skills and experience. Thanks


Now Question is What next ? because it says provisionally passed 😞 and I have another question if someone can help me I got SSCP in June 2018 but never completed any CPEs so It expired in 3 Years but I have been working in security since then how can I Make up those CPEs. My account also say pay $125 but when I try to pay it says complete CPE which I found no way 😞 Help


It is GOOD to have CISSP but even better if I can get my SSCP back too 🙂

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Advocate II

It's relatively easy to get CPEs and it's a requirement for the certs.  Not sure if you can do them retrospectively for SSCP at this stage, as I think there's a time limit on the grace period you're permitted if you don't quite have enough; presumably to allow for accidents, ill health etc.  

Community Champion

I wrote CISSP in 2010 or 2011, have to dig the first cert out, certified then let it expire - CPE opportunities are many but then as now it’s a pain doing the admin. I sat it again and was then reinstated on the pass, however not sure what the process is and how it applies to SSCP. They might charge you missed maint fees fo the gap years now, you can ask the process especially as I think you need to email member support to fix your account issue so you can pay AMF.

Community Manager

@fyzaan You'll need to contact member support regarding your account status. 


You can email or reach out to your local office:  

ISC2 Community Manager