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Newcomer II

CCSP Practice Exams


I completed my theory portion for CCSP. Any recommendations on what kind of practice exams that will give me a good feel for the type of questions that are asked in the exam. Are there any good exam simulators that I can use to prepare for the D-Day ... 


Appreciate any tips



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Newcomer I

Hi VA,

I just taken and passed my CCSP exam on 20 Aug 2020.

The strange things is all the practice questions (in study guide) and exam simulators(online) that I used for study does not resemblance the exam questions.

I can testify that, they are not the same.


I was quite shock and marked 10 out of initial 15 questions for review.


Then, I think this is too stressful and I scroll forward 30+ questions and attempted to look for similarity. 

Again, I was disappointed.


Then I calmed down and continue on questions 45 onward, now without any expectation.

Just read the questions carefully, eliminate wrong choices and then move on to the next question.

Only when I'm not able to eliminate the 3 wrong choices aka confirm one right answer, then I will mark for review.


At the end of 125 questions, the review panel appears and I click on the review those "un-answered" questions and diligently comb thru them and mark those that I am not sure for review.


Once, I answered all questions, then I click and review those "marked for review" questions.


By the time I finished, I still have 60 minutes left, so I took a toilet break and wash-up.

In the toilet, I tell myself to be confident and go thru all the questions again.


I started from question 1 again and for those easy questions, read carefully and then click next.

I realized that at least 2 questions that I thought I gotten the answer was actually wrong.

So this review safe me twice.


Pause a bit longer for those I am not sure. 

For those questions, I totally have no clues, especially on the legal requirements for cross bolder cloud deployment, I record/count them down on the right hand side of the paper.


For those questions that I can eliminate 2 choices, I record/count them on the left hand side of the paper.


At the end, I had 10 questions totally no clue and 10 questions 50-50.


With this I end the test and pass.




I'm not sure I had address your concern, 

the moral of the story is if you're relying on practice questions or exam simulator, good luck.