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Newcomer III

Hiring: Lead Risk Management Analyst

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Basic Purpose


To develop and manage a comprehensive risk strategy for the business unit which maximizes business operations benefits while minimizing risk exposure and maintaining compliance, covering the risk exposure for the full portfolio of the organization's activities/interest. Promote operational efficiency and service excellence through appropriate risk management strategies, process improvements and training while reducing and mitigating operational, reputation, legal/regulatory and financial losses. Provide analytical support and execution for various business strategies to ensure Navy Federal goals are met.  


•    Develop strategies and models related to operational risks looking at operational, compliance and regulatory elements 
•    Assess exposure to risk, ways to measure operational risk, establishes policies and procedures to minimize risk, identifies ways to protect the organization from financial loss and reputational damage 
•    Develop and implement a process for responding, tracking and managing internal and external exam findings. 
•    Evaluate alternative means of reducing the business operations’ exposure to financial loss, damage to the organization's reputation and loss of business continuity
•    Utilize innovative financial impact analysis and problem solving skills to optimize business performance and minimize strategic risk exposure 
•    Develop and implement operational risk management frameworks, methodologies, reporting, quantification/testing, policies, standards, and procedures as appropriate 
•    Develop and optimize risk strategies and guidelines that drive organizational growth while ensuring that portfolios operate within boundaries of acceptable risk 
•    Conduct statistical / financial analysis on internal and external market data to discover the tradeoffs of competing business objectives such as growth, profitability, market share and competitive position
•    Provide regulatory and compliance assessments of products and/or services for the division
•    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement effective programs and measures designed to identify and mitigate risks associated with business operations
•    Perform full cycle model design and development which includes but is not limited to identifying objectives, sampling, testing/validation, calibration, and monitoring performance
•    Develop various operational strategic opportunities and efficiencies surrounding the regulatory and compliance matters
•    Evaluate, develop, and implement analytical techniques and best practices to gain a competitive advantage 
•    Develop systems to control and monitor assets in terms of operational risk
•    Serve as subject matter expert regarding business optimization and risk evaluations
•    Serve as a subject matter expert with internal and external auditors (e.g., NCUA, CFPB, and contracted third parties) to address and resolve audit questions and findings
•    Gather and synthesize data; present conclusions and offer risk mitigation, remediation and process improvement solutions to management
•    Prepare position papers to highlight issues which may or will impact Navy Federal operations 
•    Develop and coordinate the production of performance reports to senior management
•    Make presentations to management and staff on industry and regulatory related news and developments
•    Perform other duties as assigned


•    Master’s or Advanced Degree in Business Administration, Auditing, Law or related field or equivalent combination of training, education and experience
•    Advanced knowledge and understanding of risk-based auditing techniques and methodologies
•    Expert knowledge of operational and regulatory risk controls, concepts and practices
•    Expert knowledge of applicable federal and state regulations, company policies, and industry best practices
•    Significant experience in managing cross-functional, multi-dimensional teams and projects of the highest complexity which have business risk and impact 
•    Proven ability to plan, organize and effectively execute risk mitigation and process improvement initiatives
•    Advanced skill interpreting, extrapolating and interpolating data for statistical research and modeling 
•    Ability to maintain professionalism when delivering challenging and unfavorable messages
•    Advanced organizational, planning and time management skills in order to multi task competing priorities in a fast paced and dynamic environment 
•    Proven ability to influence management decision making
•    Expert skill maintaining accuracy with attention to detail and meeting deadlines
•    Advanced knowledge of products, services, processes, requirements, and systems related to the business unit
•    Ability to comprehend, analyze, interpret, communicate and apply government and financial industry regulations related principles and practices, and company instructions, procedures and policies
•    Ability to work independently and in a team environment
•    Expert communication and negotiation skills with ability to exercise good judgement and tact in dealing with senior management
•    Significant experience in collaborating across organizational boundaries and building partnerships across various functions
•    Significant experience in managing multiple priorities independently and/or in a team environment to achieve goals
•    Expert demonstrating thought-leadership, initiative-taking, decision-making and creativity solving business problems
•    Desired – NCCO, CRCM, or other applicable compliance certification
•    Desired - Working knowledge  of project lifecycles and management methodologies
•    Desired – Working knowledge of Navy Federal’s functions, philosophy, operations and organizational objectives
•    Desired – Advanced knowledge of state and Federal laws; industry regulations, principles, and practices; and company policies that govern the business unit’s products/services

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Location: 820 Follin Lane, Vienna, VA 22180

*Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, this position will be temporarily working from home with plans to return to campus at the desired location listed once Navy Federal is back to normal operations. The specific logistics for returning to campus will be determined at a future date by individual leadership* 

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