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CCSP Certification preparation

I have started studying for CCSP certification and I wish to take the exam in May 2022.

My study materials are:


CCSP for Dummies with online Practice questions by Aurhur J. Deane

the official (ISC2) CCSP CBK by Adam Gordon

ISC2 CCSP official Guide by Ben malisow

ISC2 CCSP Official practice questions second edition

CCSP Cloud Guardians by Gwen

You Tube videos 


I`d be happy id anyone in this group can be my study partner in this journey.


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Newcomer I

Great, lets connect on LinkedIn and continue the conversation on this site as well.


Please connect to me


I am using the following resources:

- Michael Chapell LinkedIn course also using the following books:


- ISC2 CCSP Study Guide 

- LearnZApp for CCSP practice test questions - ISC2 Official Study App


Here is what I am thinking:

1. Daily "get unstuck" - we would ask everyone who is actively studying to make a short post of what they are working on and if they are in an area that has them stuck

2. Weekly check-in on what you are studying, post if you are not able to take time on zoom call

3. Weekly Meetup - - I have a zoom account where we can have up to 100 join in to share ideas, only one person can speak at a time but it would be great to meet and encourage one another.  We need to sort out what is the best time to have the zoom meeting
Newcomer II

The official study guide and the CBK are good resources to start your CCSP preparation journey. Mike’s video available in LinkedIn Learning helps with the understanding of the unfamiliar topics. Hopes this info helps.

hi, i have started today and can join you in your study plan. Thanks

Viewer II

Hi, How's the progress guys? Has anyone of you got certified yet? I have started recently with Cybrary videos. Any feedback about that ?

What all are you guys referring to?