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Going to sit for CCSP-Suggestions

Hi All,

I have been reading most of the post as to what you are using to study for the CCSP.

This is my study materials.


I have used the Cybrary video course and supplemented it with reading a domain a week from the CCSP for Dummies. (So I watch the video and then read the domain the video pertains to).

Along with the Dummies book, they have two 100-question exams and I have been taking domain-centric quizzes with them.

I also purchased Udemy CCSP Certification Practice Tests, which have 250 questions between the two of them.


My question is, I studied the CSA Security Guidance v4.0 and passed the CCSK two months ago.

When I started the CCSP, I noticed there is major overlap in the material, and to me, it is rather a review than learning something new. Should I get out of that mindset or am I pretty much correct in assuming the CCSK material is an overview of the CCSP and not that much studying is needed. When I say not much, I mean when I studied for the CCSK, I didn't know what to expect, so I took down notes and re-read stuff 3 or 4 times. With the CCSP, I pretty much highlight info in the book I am unsure of and go into detail with it. for example, the OWASP top 10 was at a high level in the CCSK, in the CCSP has a chapter that goes into detail about the different types of security vulnerabilities.

I find it rather simple and not that difficult to understand. I don't want to jinx myself and go in there and bomb big time.

All the quizzes I took, 6 so far, with 10 questions per domain, I maybe got 1 wrong per quiz.

Also out of 100 question practice exam, I scored an 82%. A couple I marked for review and the wording tripped me up but not the technical part.
So what would be some of your recommendations to include before sitting for the exam?

I have over 20+ years in IT at a data center/ sysadmin level.

I took in the last 6 months for work, the AZ-900, AI-900, SC-900 and OCI foundations(it was free so I took it lol), Also the AZ-104 and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate( took the courses but did not sit for the exam)

Thanks in advance


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Newcomer II

Since you just sat the CCSK from the Cloud Security Alliance recently, you are already in a very good position and what you are seeing with the practice quizzes would be expected. The reason for that is because the CCSP certification was created through a partnership between (ISC)2 and the Cloud Security Alliance, so there is a lot of overlap in knowledge between the two.


The main difference between the two over time is that with each new version of the CCSK, you will have to go sit the exam again for the newer version.  With the CCSP, you are able maintain your certification by earning/submitting 90 CPE's over the 3 year cycle, and paying the annual maintenance fees (AMF).


Many (ISC)2 and local (ISC)2 Chapter events offer CPE's, and they will record/submit the CPE's on your behalf.  With the AMF, you also get full access to the (ISC)2 Professional Development Institute, which has various online labs and courses that you will earn CPE's from and many other ways to get CPE's.


You are studying good things, so my only recommendations / tips are to RTFQ (Read The Full Question) every time, even if you think you know the answer already, and read the answers from bottom to top (avoid tendency to grab the first one you see and think is correct going top to bottom).  As you mentioned, the wording of the question is important and it only takes a couple words, or even just one word (e.g. -"except"), to completely flip the focus of the question around. The answers can have wording play in them too so always read all the answers to a question.


Good luck on the exam!