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CISSP Endorsement Wait

Hello all!


For those waiting on your CISSP Endorsement Review approval from ISC2, the wait will continue.  It has been over 6 weeks since my endorsement was submitted and I just received the following:


"Typically, the endorsement review process runs around 4-6 weeks; however, due to a system upgrade, we are currently running closer to 8 weeks. This could be done sooner than the 8 weeks, we just ask to allow the full time for review."


So it looks like we are all in for longer wait times post endorsement. 


Happy Waiting!!

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Viewer II

Took and passed CISSP exam during the 1st week of December 2019; also received endorsement that week.



I'm glad I checked here, to get a better understanding.


My colleagues know that I passed, so every day, someone asks ' Did you get your cert yet?'


I imagined it would have actually taken a couple of weeks, as I have their CAP cert and am already a member - I thought the 4 to 6 weeks was just language.


But I can better manage expectations now.


Thanks All

Community Champion

I understand the endorsement queue is running closer to 6 weeks at the moment.


EDIT: congrats on passing btw!


Newcomer I

Hello CISSP Community!


Tomorrow 25th Dec 2019 will mark the 6 weeks deadline after my endorsement application, see detailed timeline below. Only communications received from ISC2 since then are webinar invitations, etc.


Still hoping for a nice Christmas surprise today...

Most importantly I’m really hoping to receive my CISSP validation before 31st Dec 2019, to be able to claim my certification in 2019 instead of 2020.

What are the chances of this actually happening considering the holiday season now?


Looking forward to officially becoming a member,





CISSP exam provisionally passed: 12th Nov 2019
Provisional pass email: 13th Nov 2019
Endorsement application completed & validated by endorser: 13th Nov 2019
Endorsement application being processed email: 13th Nov 2019

EDIT: Congratulations CISSP awarded email: 30th Dec 2019 — cheers!

Newcomer I

Hello again,


I’m happy to report that I received the much awaited “Congratulations you have been awarded the CISSP certification” email on 30th December 2019, just in time before switching over to (and celebrating) 2020!


I’m happy and proud to be now officially a member of this vibrant community.


Cheers and happy 2020!



Contributor I

Great news! Welcome aboard my friend !