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10 years as a sysadmin will I have enough experience? Please advise

Hi All, 


I have been researching CISSP all morning and like the look of the qualification and the knowledge I would be able to learn. 


What I am most concerned about is if I get to the end of it and I fail at the experience stage. I do not know anyone any other member to endorse me so I would need to get ISC to endorse me.


At a high level this is what I do is:


  • Planning, design, documenting and supporting high-availability, data replication, business continuity, fail-over, fail-back using Cluster Server solutions in SAN/NAS environments including disaster recovery and off site media storage implementations and support.
  • Day-to-day management of IT Technologies, including but not limited to: Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, Veeam and the Physical Server Environment.
  • Planning, researching and engineering virtual server based solutions which meet the performance, scalability, and availability requirements of the business.
  • Implementation, Support and Maintenance of a hosted Datacentre environment
  • Ensuring the availability and performance of all Infrastructure services by ongoing systems management including monitoring, provisioning, problem diagnosis, task automation, patching and systems maintenance
  • Upgrading data network equipment to latest stable firmware releases
  • Configuration and installation of routing, switching and firewall equipment
  • Undertaking data network fault investigations in local and wide area environments, using information from multiple sources
  • Planning future improvements, suggesting IT solutions to business problems
  • Finding security issues with the automated pen testing software and resolving them in a timely manner 


How do I make sure I have enough experience in the right areas to pass?


I have looked at the exam outline here:


If we take section 7 do I need to hit every sub point to have enough experience? So do I need to have had experience in 7.1 to 7.16 or can I just have experience in one sub section for example 7.3 and this is fine and would count towards one of the eight domains?


What evidence do I need to send to ISC exactly , does my manager just need to right a statement on what I have done in those 10 years and what my day to day job is?

Appreciate any help please!

Thank you

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Community Champion



I appreciate this is a bit late and you may well have found the answers yourself by now, but just to confirm...


In terms of the experience, you need 5 years (4 with an appropriate waiver) of cumulative paid work experience in at least 1 task/subtask as defined in the exam outline across 2 of the 8 domains.


Generally speaking, I would expect someone with 10 years of sysadmin experience to be able to fulfil the CISSP experience requirements.


In terms of evidence, you will be asked to submit details of your job roles and activities and the domains you believe these relate to (effectively a CV/resume) along with contact details for your supervisor(s). 


If you are asking ISC2 to endorse you, they will also require you to upload some official documentation to show you did work for the companies in the roles during the times you listed in your endorsement application - things like tax forms or payslips etc.