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Why does ISC2 insist on secrecy of its operations?


If you read through the various parts of the Community, you will find posts where I have asked for things like:

  • How many votes did each candidate receive in the most recent Board election?
  • How many people voted in the most recent Board election?

I've been told that ISC2 has a policy not to release this information.


I've asked for a copy of the policy as it was adopted by the Board, to include the adoption date, and the staff has refused to provide me with that policy. Apparently, we are to take them at their word.

In the past, other members have asked for the Minutes of the Board meetings to be posted. To date they have not. According to past Board member Diana Contesti, during her term, the Board voted on a resolution and passed it, that required the posting of the minutes. Yet, they still remain unposted.

The By-Laws are posted at, but I have not found a copy of the Articles of Organization of the Corporation.

There is a Policies and Procedures section of the ISC2 website,, but the policies referenced above are not posted. 

My question is why the Board of Directors and the Staff of ISC2 are so insistent upon secrecy of the operations of the Corporation that they will not even release copies of the policies that are referred to when declining to provide other information? This just does not make any sense to me, and I feel the Membership deserves better. 

Stephen M. Mencik

Note: Originally posted to Member Talk, but folks were having difficulty accessing it there.

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Community Champion

Unfortunately, we never seen any of the Board here.  Some have accounts and have used them during elections (well that was when we truly had elections).....thinking of folks like James Packer (who now sits as the vice-chair of the Board), Dan Houser (now the Treasurer), etc.


I know Graham does monitor this platform but he is a member of management.  So this is a community of unelected members and management but predominately unelected members.


The Board remain silent.