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Community Manager

Welcome to the (ISC)² Community!

The (ISC)² Community is here to help bring cybersecurity professionals together and form industry connections. Whether it be to gain knowledge towards certifications, engage in learning industry best practices, or learn more about what's going on in the cybersecurity industry itself, we want this community to be your destination as professionals to learn, discuss, and share.


The (ISC)² Community Team would like to welcome you and to help you get started, here are a few key resources:


In addition, if you're unsure of where to post or where to find the information you're looking for, here is a quick rundown of each area and the content that's most appropriate within:


  • Welcome - Introduce yourself, learn about the community, and keep up to date with community changes!
  • Certifications - Have questions about the certification process? Want to share stories about your certification journey? Post them here!
  • Industry News - Discuss the latest in cybersecurity and related news.
  • Ask (ISC)² - Have a question about (ISC)² membership and services?  Ask it here.
  • Security Congress - Connect with fellow attendees to discuss sessions and activities throughout the week!


In addition, here is what each category is for and what you can find within:


  • Discussions - Converse with other cybersecurity professionals about membership, certifications, industry trends, hot topics, etc.
  • Events - Learn about details at upcoming (ISC)² events and other industry conferences.
  • Research - Learn about (ISC)² and other related industry research and reports, and discuss findings with other professionals.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask in this thread or reach out to the (ISC)² Community Team.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
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ISC2 Former Staff

Hello @markbeasali


You can post jobs on the Career board here: In order to post you have to be a member, which you are. I would recommend taking a look at the following postings and use them as guides for what information to include in your post:



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or email us at 





Samantha O'Connor
(ISC)² Online Community Manager

Hi I'm new here
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> Waqar (Viewer) posted a new reply in Welcome on 04-27-2019 10:51 PM in the

> Hi I'm new here

Welcome to the Welcome board ...

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If they won't write the kind of books we like to read we shall
have to write them ourselves. - C. S. Lewis to J. R. R. Tolkien


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Excellent information and very easy to understand by someone as me.   The links shared here are so enlightening.   I just passed my CC certification on 9/21 and now studying toward my CISSP, that hopefully I can achieve by the end of this year.  Thank you for your welcoming message and sharing all this information with us!

Best Regards,