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Want to officially certified Trainer

Hello, What is the procedure to be isc2 officially certified CISSP trainer? I want to give training to cissp aspirants in my country and worldwide.I don't belongs to training Institute or training Center.
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I would also like to know.

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While it may seem pedantic, learning English might be a first start.

Yes, I know. I will immediately get hate mail from all kinds of people saying that
I'm making fun of immigrants and non-English speakers. That is not the case,
But it is a fact that the exam is written in English (the exams in alternative
languages are basically machine translations of the English original), and, in fact, a
great deal (if not most) source literature is in English, so if you are not fluent in
English you are already at a disadvantage. That may be hard on non-English
speakers who want to become certified, but it is a simple fact. And, if you want to
be an instuctor, you need to know the material much better than those who can
merely pass the exam.

If you want to become an instructor, there is a process. You need to attend a
training course, and then co-teach with an established instructor. I believe you
also have to "attend" an online training course as well. All this be at your own
expense. Then there is a mass of paperwork to deal with. Contact ISC2 on the
main site for more details.

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I would love to!


Currently, I have developed and taught University (and custom) courses in Ethical Hacking, Ethic in Computing, Cisco Advanced routers, and a new course in Computer & Network Security (along with a CISSP bootcamp & CompTIA Security+)


The simple fact that he is certified already answer the English language concerns you have.
It's a pity that with everything that you could have said you decided to focus on this. That says a lot more about you, but anyways, your choice...