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Ordering of physical certificate

Dear all,


I have passed CCSP on 3rd Jan 2024 and submitted within that week.


Although ISC2 member portal has now listed CCSP badge but on the endorsement page, it's still showing "Your application has been received but processing by (ISC)2 has not yet started."


I can't find anywhere in the portal to order the physical certificate and wonder is it due to the endorsement process? Could anyone advice? Thank you!


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Community Champion

Firstly congratulations!

Secondly, Funny it shouldn’t list your badge until your endorsement has completed. It also shows in the community.

Race condition with the endorsement process output resulty-O-tron3000 IMHO, and they’ll need to recompute the hash created by the situational integrity modulators to discombobulate the certificate release protocol from the endorsement timing snorkel…

In any case you should contact member support on this:

Newcomer II



I think similar (and I posted to Member Support cause I am not sure what I am supposed to see and where).


Passed the CC. In Endorsements it shows as "Your application has been received but processing by ISC2 has not yet started." But I have my CC granted, and it's on my profile, and on Credly. Pretty sure it showed on my Profile after I took the test too that I had taken the test and something or other was pending. I have a "print" option for this on my profile.


Took the CISSP, worked my way from provisional to endorsed and submitted. Nothing on the profile, and "your application was endorsed by XXXXXXX, it has been submitted to ISC2 for review." In the endorsements workflow area.


(early days still to be through the process).


So def. some kind of weird sync going on between all their systems.


But I also had to get my access updated on the portal when I passed the CC. It didn't recognize me in under learn so I wasn't getting access to extra content or the free CPEs.


Just don't know. Between how it quirks out and me not knowing what I am supposed to see.. ugg... lol.


Think maybe, to @Early_Adopter point, resulty-O-tron3000 is glitching but I would be surprised if there were different firmware's and models floating around? I heard the resulty-O-tron2799 was solid.



Community Champion


Yeah the 3000 was a major release, never update till MP2 or even RU1…
Community Manager

Hello! Upon completion of certification, a new printed certificate and welcome kit is mailed to each member. Be sure you keep your member profile up to date with your current mailing address, email address and contact preferences. Please allow up to 12 weeks for your member welcome kit to arrive after the date you receive your official welcome email from ISC2.




I have not receive my printed certificate and welcome kit ,yet since I passed the exam in November 2023.


Kindly advise.


Thanks and best regards,

Ronald Tablan