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Contributor III

Open Letter to the CEO



Ms. Rosso,


I see that you have been looking at the Communities Boards lately as evidenced by your Kudo of a post:




Have you looked at the many threads dealing with this year's election? Do you intend to respond to any of them? If so, when?


In addition, there are threads dealing with the makeup of the Ethics Committee being in violation of the By-Laws since the makeup of the Committee includes more than one member of the Board of Directors. Do you have any comment on that? See and

There is a thread with questions for the Board regarding Governance. See

and another directed to Leadership, see


There have been no answers to any of those questions, some of which relate to the Corporation's IRS Form 990 filings.

As members, we are entitled to answers to all of these. As CEO, it is your job to see that those that should be providing answers are doing so. When can we expect to see answers?

Stephen (Steve) Mencik
Certified since 1999


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Contributor II

“I have but one passion—that of light. This I ask for in the name of humanity, which has suffered so much, and which has a claim to happiness. My passionate protest is but the cry of my soul. Let anyone who dares bring me before an Assize Court, and let the inquiry be held in broad daylight. I am waiting.” -- Emile Zola


The Board and (ISC)2 Management have chosen the strategy of silence. They have divorced themselves from the membership, accountability, and ethics. I am witness to more than half a dozen people, (ISC)2 members and other certified professionals (CPAs, and lawyers), abandoning their ethics for a purpose I can't even put in words. I don't see what the end game is here. 


It's frankly the lowest point for this association. Maybe we will get more response from those board members and executives on Truth Social.


Sic semper tyrannis.