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Community Manager

Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone,


New to the community? Have a question? Or just want to tell us a little about yourself? Feel free to do so in this thread.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
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Newcomer II

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho here! 🙂

Advocate I




Hello everyone...i've been a CISSP since 2006, but I am a new member to this community and looking forward to following the conversations.

You got me.  What is 21DX?  I'm old... so I just learned what o7 was.


Eric B.

Newcomer I


Just wanted to greet the community. 

My name is Evan, from Israel. I've been an IT engineer for 25 years, with the last 10 concentrating on security, I've been an CISSP for 6 years and I'm currently a security architect specializing in Secure Development Lifecycle and Secure DevOps. Looking forward to participating!

Quemadmoeum gladis nemeinum occidit, occidentis telum est .
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Reader I

Dear All,


I am an information security professional. Glad to be in this community and look forward to interact with fellow community members. Have a nice day!

Newcomer II

Welcome to the Community!

Advocate I

Welcome!  Glad you found us!  Make yourself at home.  😄


Hello (ISC)2 !!


I'm Joshua Koyeerath, a first year student at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA for MS in CS. Though my program is CS, I'll be specializing in security. I do not know much in practical about security but hope to gain experience and exposure along the way. My interests are Malware Analysis and PenTesting.


I really am interested in volunteering for any event organized by (ISC)2 in Virginia, Maryland, DC. If there is any event requiring volunteers, please tag me in too 😉


Let's come together for a safe tomorrow !!

Viewer II

Hi everyone


Nice to virtually meeting you all.


My name is Kyle Williams and have recently obtained my CISSP 🙂 It was my second attempt, this time with the CAT-based version.


I've been in the IT industry for 13 years now with the last 4.5 specialising in the Cyber Security sector.


I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa and then decided to make a move to London back in the middle of 2016. I was fortunate enough to transfer across to our sister company The Betway Group as an IT Security Engineer.


I look forward to contributing to the community and furthering my knowledge in the security industry.


Newcomer II

Hi!  I'm Michael Weisberg, and I'm a CISSP. 


I'm the VP of a company in Saratoga Springs, NY. My practice specializes in providing security services to smaller companies.


I've been involved in the Information Security field since early in my career in mainframe systems security (RACF).  I have provided technical expertise and hands-on implementation assistance in the areas of Identity Management, Perimeter Security, Patch Management, as well as general security policy.  I've been involved in the Open Source community since 1995 and is an advocate for Standards Based software for securing environments while controlling costs. 

I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and have worked in the Government, Financial, Education and Industrial sectors.  After a stint as enterprise CISO of the State of New York, I am happily settled in as VP of the Information Security practice at Garnet River, LLC, a technology consulting firm. In my "spare time," I am the Director of Cyber Security Programs at Russell Sage Online.

"Dance like no one is watching, E-mail like it may one day be read aloud at a deposition."