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Community Manager

Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone,


New to the community? Have a question? Or just want to tell us a little about yourself? Feel free to do so in this thread.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
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Contributor I

Hi there - my name is James McQuiggan and I'm a CISSP. Smiley Happy


I am the Product & Solutions Security Officer of the Service Americas division at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.  I've been at Siemens for over 16 years and I've consulted and supported various corporate divisions on cybersecurity standards, information security awareness and securing their networks.  I used to be in the Information Security group, he implemented the phishing program that assessed the Siemens US employees Energy division ability to “be thinkers and not clickers”

I joined the (ISC)2 family in 2008 and I really enjoy volunteering with the Safe and Secure Online Program for the Center for Cyber Education & Safety.  Since 2011, I have delivered the Safe & Secure Online education and awareness program to over 7,000 students, parents, teachers and the “life experienced” (seniors).


I am a proud member of the North American Advisory Council (NAAC) and within the Central Florida community, I am the President of the Central Florida (ISC) 2 chapter. 


Last year, I was surprsingly given the 2016 (ISC)2 President’s Award for my contributions toward advancing the information security profession. 


I am the father of two teenage daughters and continues to make sure they are safe and secure online while using their smartphones and social media.

Community Manager

Hello everyone! 


I'm Kaity Eagle - Communications Specialist at (ISC)². I'm an admin here at the Community, so I hope to be able to answer all of your questions if you have them! 


I also run (with help from @Jason_ISC2) the ISC2Congress Twitter account. Can't wait to see everyone in Austin in a few days! 

Community Champion

I am currently the co-chair of the EMEA Advisory Council and the Privacy Workgroup Lead.

During the EMEA Security Summits, I lead a three hours workshop upon the EU General Data Protection Regulation.Implementation.


After my graduation from Paris University in 1970, I worked in the Rothschild Group where, among others tasks, he was in charge of the network security and other security related issues. In 1981, I joined the French Ministry of Industry where I was in charge of the Open Systems Standardization programs.
In 1986, I took the position of European Information Security Manager at Digital Equipment. Then, hI joined the security research and development team. In 1999, I went to Entrust Technologies, PKI software editor. In 2003, I joined Computer Associates Int. as a Technology Strategist. In April 2017, I retired from CA Technologies.



Viewer III

Greetings - I have been a CISSP since 1996. For the past six years I have been a security researcher at ESET (two fun facts: it's been around for 30 years and is now the largest European security software company). 


Prior to ESET I co-founded a couple of security startups that were sold to NASDQ listed companies and helped develop network security software that is still in use today. I've done quite a bit of security teaching (e,g. Norwich University MSIA program) and writing (see We Live Security and S. Cobb on Security).


Trivia bonus: In 1991, I published a book on PC and LAN security that was, for a while, part of the CBK.


Together with my colleague, Lysa Myers, I presented some research at this year's Congress. I am currently exploring how to share a PDF of our slides with the Community. 


Stephen (pronounced so it rhymes with even) Cobb

Twitter @zcobb

Newcomer I

HOWDY!  That's right; I'm an Aggie '90 and proud of it!  Whoop!

You know I am loved here in Longhorn Country!  Welcome to Austin Y'all!


I am CISSP (2005).  Yup; you guessed it I am an old dude.  I am the CIO for Roch Capital based in Philadelphia PA.  We provide tech services to several organizations in industries including Financial Services, Credit Card Operations, Food Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales, Banking and Corporate Properties Management.


I am thrilled with the 2017 Congress!  I am learning allot and that's what counts.  Glad to be here with you all!


God Bless Texas and God Bless Y'all!


Life is short... Eat more Cookies!
Brian Hildebrandt CPA, CISSP
Newcomer I



Sreeman here and an ISC2 CSSLP.


Work as a Program/Project Manager with the Application Security group of the bank. I am interested in the Info Sec domain in general and specifically implementing Cloud and IOT Security Programs, apart from being interested in Enterprise & Business Architect, IT4IT, Privacy, Product Development & Management, Agile, DecSecOps ... this list is long 🙂


Contributor III

Trivia: born 1959, live in The Netherlands, in the Northern region. I met my wife in 1988. We have three children: a boy (1998) and two girls (2001,2002).

I work as Senior Consultant, for various companies and work as a teacher, designer, advisor and architect.

In my spare time I work as a staff member for a political party. I am a voluntary miller (so, yes, I operate one of those old Dutch windmills), millers instructor, webmaster and security advisor.


I have been the President of the Dutch Chapter of (ISC)2 since september 2016, see (in Dutch).


I have owned a computer since 1978 and have been working in the IT field since 1984. Have been actively involved with the Internet since 1990 and have been using Linux since 1992. Obtained various certificates in the field, e.g. RHCE, SNIA, LPIC. Obtained CISSP in 2011 and a Masters at Royal Holloway (London) in 2017 where I completed the Cybercrime track. My dissertation was about the security aspects of the a volunteer driven IoT infrastructure. I passed with distinction. 


After graduation I achieved my CCSP certification (2017) and renewed by CISSP certification (2017).


I'm currently considering options for a PhD.  Anybody with tips, hints or leads is encouraged to contact me or post a reply here. 

Heinrich W. Klöpping, MSc CISSP CCSP CIPP/E CTT+
Newcomer I

Hi everyone!



0920170915a.jpgIt is so great to be here.  I am a second-year student at Regent University, majoring in Information Systems Security.  I am marshalling years of piecemeal learning into a career that will serve the nation, and I really look forward to learning and lurking in this community.

Newcomer II

Hi Everyone,

I am an experienced cyber and information security professional with 3+ decades of experience, having held positions in support, training, operations and development as well as in project management. Since 2006 my career has been spent within the security domain; running my own security consultancy from 2011. I have an extensive hands-on experience in many domains, which comes in handy when discussing with other IT professionals.

I’m a born optimist and entrepreneur, tested as an ENTJ in the MBTI-tests several times. I like to interact with people, make decisions and to communicate.

I am educated to degree level, and I have multiple certifications within information security, project management and other IT related topics for instance the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation.

I have worked in both SMB’s and in complex multicultural and international environments. I’ve managed it-project groups of up to 13 people, and as an executive officer (XO) I’ve been deputy commander of units up to 170 people. I have had responsibility for project managers, running their projects in my domain, and I have been responsible for budgets.

I have worked in financials, telecom and energy as well as in the armed forces.

Specialties: GDPR and ISO27001 compliance, Information Security Management, Business Continuity Management, Awareness Training, Project management, Supervision of penetration tests, Cyber Security

I live in Denmark nearby the Northsea. 

Kind regards,

Compliance and InfoSec Consultant