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Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone,


New to the community? Have a question? Or just want to tell us a little about yourself? Feel free to do so in this thread.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
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Hello everyone,


thank you ISC2 for this awesome idea. happy to be part of this community.


My name is Faisal Yahya. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am CISSP since 2007. and now still on preparation for CCSP exam (first week of Nov 2017). In weekdays I oversee Cybersecurity team and IT Development team. After office-hour as a lecturer which facilitating discussion about IS Audit. Weekend as a student (currently Doctoral Candidate - last year). Proud husband and dad for 3 amazing kids. 


Cybersecurity is my forever passion on which I started to learn on 1986 (virus and debugger). In 1999 helping to secured Indonesia election (JOMC team). And since 2005 start to sharing to my local communities for what we call now CyberAwareness. I do cybersecurity report blog here. Also tweet more than 20 times a day 90% above for cybersecurity using twitter account "@faisaly".


I love to share ... so please feel free to connect and inbox me.

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I received my CISSP in November of 2015. I have a Master in Information Science from Penn State. I have worked in a corporate setting for my entire career, with a background in development with experience in varying degrees on just about any platform you can name. I hope to be able to learn and share in this forum.




Newcomer I



I am an ex network engineer (still ccnp qualified as now) but now a security analyst

at a Major Charity.

Ex British Army and i like the techie stuff so am getting into CASBs and SIEMs along

with all the policy stuff.

Looking forward to interacting with like minded security individuals and learning things

Got my CISSP and GIAC401 so gotta get CCSP now.




Newcomer I

Hi, I'm Kevin, seems like I've been active in infosec work or training every day since the movie War Games came out in 1983.  I am a CISSP since 2003, and got my ISSAP in 2005.  I am preparing to take the CCSP by year end.


I do security design work for cloud-based services, test emerging technologies, and serve at a lead engineering level for critical infrastructure protection at the core of a very large carrier.


Since all of my work is proprietary and I'm not a prolific technical writer, my professional outlet is to author exam questions for both the CISSP and ISSAP, and volunteer in any way they'll have me at the ISC2.


My current off-hour obsessions are block chain and mobile digital forensics. I also talk a lot about dirt bikes, general aviation, and 80's hair bands. They don't let me out of the lab much, but I'm open to meeting new people, drop me a line.



Newcomer I

Hello everyone,


My name is Michael Harrison. I have my CISSP since 2016 and Associate of (ISC)² since 2012. I am currently working on adding an OSCP to the list of certifications. 


I currently work at a small payroll firm managing the security side of things. Providing training and helping on the regular I.T. side of things as well. 


My goal for 2017 and on is to become more active in the local community and beyond by providing valuable input, training, etc to help others stay secure in their everyday lifes. From the kids to businesses. 


Kind regards,


Newcomer III

Aloha, I am Jason Risner. I am a CISSP. I have been working in the IT Industry for 20+ years. I am currently a Systems Engineer II working in the Insurance Industry. I got an MBA from Auburn University and my undergrad degree is from The University of Alabama ("Roll Tide"). I also just completed a year of Law School at Birmingham School of Law but decided to take a break from studying and work on renewing my certs. Anyway, I am sending out a big Aloha to everyone and Cheers!!! 

Newcomer II

Hi Everyone


I've worked in IT for over 20 years now but a while back, I decided that I would like to focus on Cyber Security and try to specialise in this area as much as possible. I am still a newbie in this area. I passed my CISSP exam last year. I must admit, I found it to be the most challenging exam I have ever have had to prepare for. I started my first job in Cyber Security with a University in London, just over a  year ago.


I think the idea of an ISC2 community is wonderful. I have a lot to learn and always happy to share my own insights / opinions with others. I'm hoping this professional forum will grow fruitfully and offer us all the opportunity to grow with it.


Besides work, I'm interested in Mindfulness/Meditation and love reading on topics to do with  Consciousness, Metaphysics and Quantum Science.


Thanks for having me on board and best wishes.


Hari 🙂

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Hello Everyone,


I am Sean Williams, an IT Professional for the past 27 years.  Most of my career has been in the IT consulting space doing architecture, engineering, and security.  I have been a CISSP since 2007 and recently added CHFI to the resume.


Current Certifications:

VMware Certified Professional 6 - Network Virtualization
VMware Certified Professional 6 - Desktop and Mobility
VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization
MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
Palo Alto Networks ACE
SonicWALL Certified Security Administrator

Look forward to sharing information and getting to know the people in this community.


Best Regards,


Sean Williams

think beyond quantum security...
Newcomer II



My name is Don Turnblade.  My InfoSec career while I was working as a real Rocket Scientist.  It started in 1992 when I build up a classified computer to fight and win a computing warfare exercise.  Even now, I am still 100% successful with Penetration Tests.  The craziest thing I have ever been asked to do is still too classified for words, and resulted in a classified breifing for President George H Bush and Mickhail Gorbochov.  The result reduced risk and forwarded the Strategic Arms Reduciton Treaty negotiations.  I got my CISSP in 2002.  


Now, I protect good people from getting robbed with a computer.  I help State Farm protect the credit cards of a whole lot of customers.  I discovered that it is nearly impossible to provide security proportional to the risk if I had no training on how to value risk.  I got my MBA in 2009.


I am finishing up the math to value the speed of patching known vulnerabilities in a way your CFO would be proud of.  Natrually, it says in good math and hard financial numbers what you likely all intuitively know.  But, this time the result will not just be in good sense but in dollars and cents per year.   Is there a place for publishing useful math?










Best Wishes,


Don Turnblade, MBA, MSc
"Protecting good people from being robbed with a computer."

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Hello Everyone.
I've held many I.T. jobs over the years, and having studied and just recently completed the CISSP this has pulled it all together into my front sight focus. Really looking forward to learning, and sharing what I can in a community of such high talent. I am currently a private security consultant, from vulnerability assessments to limited pen-testing scopes, and in my spare time I install Kali on everything Smiley LOL
Once again, glad to be here, and a pleasure to meet all of you.
I now work as a cryptographic architect for one of the big 5 Canadian banks.