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Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone,


New to the community? Have a question? Or just want to tell us a little about yourself? Feel free to do so in this thread.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
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> MarkWeldon (Viewer III) posted a new reply in Welcome on 10-14-2020 01:24 PM in

> Hello, I'm Mark.

Hi, Mark!

(With an opening like that, it sounds like an introduction at a Security
Professionals Anonymous meeting ...)

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Who, ME? Paranoid? Who have you been talking to? - eczekalski


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Newcomer II

That is funny now that you mention it.


"Hello, I'm Mark."

(Audience responds: "Hello Mark")

"I've been secure for 4 weeks now."

Mark Weldon
Sr. Cybersecurity Systems Engineer | Florida, USA
(ISC)² CSSLP | CompTIA Security+ CE
US Navy Veteran
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> MarkWeldon (Viewer III) posted a new reply in Welcome on 10-14-2020 03:20 PM in

> "I've been secure for 4 weeks now."

I started out by getting an antivirus scanner to check USB drives that friends gave
me. Soon I wasn't clicking on any old link I came across. I refused to reply to
Nigerian princes offering me millions of dollars. And last week I [sob] ... made a

I'm so ashamed ...

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Henslowe: Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well.
Fennyman: How?
Henslowe: I don't know. It's a mystery.
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I'm Darrell Young.  As a life-long, seasoned technical person, I'm looking forward to learning more about our network of security professionals.  Now more than ever, we all need to put our best efforts into keeping our systems safe and secure from the threats haunting us.  The Colonial Pipeline fiasco recently showed us how imperative it is for all of us to whack the moles. 


All the best



Newcomer III

Brenden Walker, recovering programmer..  


I've been in the tech industry for over 3 decades.   Over the years I've done it all, from mainframe to embedded systems both hardware and software.  I'm typically a thorn in the side of teams I work with due to my focus on security.


2020 I decided to get some credentials so that upper management would perhaps take my concerns more seriously.   A bit of wishful thinking there.


Since earning CSSLP, I've been keeping an eye out for opportunities to start moving a bit more into security.  With the recent high profile supply chain related breaches, I think I'm positioned well.  

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A little bit about me; Marine Veteran with about 6 years In the IT industry for a local government. About a year ago I’ve had a passion into cyberspace and trying to gain momentum into this space. I look forward to discussing various cybersecurity topic, share and learn from you all.
Newcomer I

Hello, my name is Josh Wortz and I am a CISSP with over 15 years of experience in IT Operations and Security. I am looking forward to engaging here in this community.


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Hi everyone,


My name is Nagasahas having more than 9 years experience in multiple domains of security - application security, Product security, CD/CI pipelines, Vulnerability assessments, DAST, Penetration testing and much more. Exposed to consulting for security solutions of clients from different geographies and worked as security expert for a product which included end to end security during the S2DL.


Recently cleared CISSP certification, this one of the achievements that is close to my heart this year. Personally it has been a very exciting journey. Hence, I wanted to share my experience and extend guidance for any aspiring candidates who are willing to appear CISSP in near future.


Viewer III

hello everyone,

I am a new CISSP with more 20 years in operation & security, about 15 years as IT service provider in system & network and 8 years as infrastructure & security manager.
Since 2 years, C.I.O at Moduleus in France.


After years with out passing certification, in the past I was MSCE VCP ASE CCA ; CISSP was a challenge so it is really special for me, like my first MSCE on NT4... 23 years ago.


Best regards


Viewer II

I am currently the co-chair of the EMEA Advisory Council and the Privacy Workgroup Lead.