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Community Manager

Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone,


New to the community? Have a question? Or just want to tell us a little about yourself? Feel free to do so in this thread.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
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Newcomer I

Hello everyone,


Mike here, long time CISSP, I work for the Army as a Civilian, prior green suiter, in the realm of systems analysis, policy, planning, and information security.  I've been supervising so long I have lost a great deal of the technical skills and hands on "stuff" that brought me to this profession so long ago.  When I look at the market, I see such a demand for security professionals and I really want to point myself back into the zone of information assurance and risk management and away from being a babysitter.  I feel like so many of the skillsets I learned, achieved along the way are being underutilized in my current role.


I'm currently working on a Masters in Cyber Security at the National Defense University and working full time, here in South Korea for Army Signal.



Michael T. Clark
Newcomer I



I received my CISSP in 2016 and currently working on my bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.  I am an Army veteran of the Military Intelligence Community and I work for local government as a Security Supervisor.  Looking forward to sharing ideas and concepts on this board!



US Army Veteran - CISSP

It's not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. What are you going to do when it happens?

Hi everyone. Currently I am the Principal Cybersecurity Analyst at BMT Fleet Technology a Government/Military contractor in Canada. I am a veteran of 20 years in the Royal Canadian Navy and 10 years in the public service at the Communications Security Establishment Canada. Now I contract and put those 30 plus years of experience to good use by advising government on cybersecurity and how best to include System Security Engineering into their procurement programmes.

Currently I am assisting the Canadian Armed Forces develop a new Mission Assurance Platform Protection Programme by leveraging the NIST Cybersecurity Framework into the major project and materiel aquisition and support frameworks. I am developing governance, policy and guidance for the CAF to risk manage cybersecurity by senior leadership and enabling them to provide clear guidance on cyber mission assurance to contractors and vendors including clear assessment methodologies to measure technical security assurance for equipment, systems and platforms to meet the expressed needs.

In short providing tools to senior leadership to enable them to set goals and outcomes required for projects and systems and methods for assessment to ensure they can manage and be accountable for the delivery of cyber mission assured projects and systems. All this and have fun at the same time.

Reader II

Hi everyone!


I'm brand new to the (ISC)² sphere - in fact, fresh off the CISSP exam presses, having taken the exam and earned my Associate of (ISC)² status just last week .


I work in public accounting and am also currently a CPA candidate. I was always interested in internal controls and security, and after completing Cyber Security certificates offered by a university here in Canada, taking the CISSP seemed to be the logical next step. 


Happy to meet all of you, and glad to be here!





Viewer III

I'm a Principal Product Security Engineer for Nuance Communications, Inc. Yes, that Nuance (I started there three weeks prior to the incident).

I have about ten years experience in enterprise and healthcare software development and QA automation, and decided several years ago that attention to software security is lagging far behind the attention given to infrastructure, and that I could refocus my strengths to securing the SDLC.

My main focus today is to evangelize secure SDLC and provide software engineering groups with the resources to "build in security" to their current practices. This includes setting realistic, achievable security requirements, developing use and abuse cases, threat modeling, improving visibility of vulnerabilities with SAST and DAST tools, integration of tools within the CI/CD pipeline, and creating a security advocate program for developers.

I hope that I'll be able to share advice with others that want to start a product security group in their organization, and learn from others' experiences.
Newcomer I

Hi all,


The name's Ed and am in both managerial and engineering level of some sort in an energy company in Indonesia, have been a CISSP since 2010 and looking forward to my CCSP. 18 years working in the IT industry at various verticals.


Looking forward to this community growing bigger and making myself useful here 😄

Viewer III

Hi, my name is Shane Williams.


I started my career in the USAF working on computer systems on B-52 bombers.  I am a veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  After 4 years in the USAF, I left and went to school to be a paramedic which I did both professionally and as a volunteer for 17 years.  I also as a job have been doing IT work in one form or another for 20+ years.


Back in 2009, while working as a security contractor for the Defense Logistics Agency, got my CISSP certification.  In 2014, DLA converted me from contractor to government civilian employee and in 2016 sent me to get my CCSP certification since I am the Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) for our cloud environment (one of them).


I am currently working on my Bachelor's in IT at Capella University (online).


Shane C. Williams, CISSP, CCSP

Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)

J612 CyberSecurity Program Management Assurance

Defense Logistics Agency

Newcomer II

Hi there.


I'm James McLaren, a relatively recent CISSP (I passed the exam in December 2015).


I graduated in Russian back in 1989, and joined a large unfriendly government department in 1990. I had an interesting career path: language work, information analysis and reporting, then visualisation of data, and later first line and quasi-first line IT support. But in 2000 a job kind of collapsed underneath me, and a previous boss invited me to go and work in Security training. Four fascinating years ensued...


I live in Jersey - not the one next to New York, but the small island between Britain and France. I arrived here in 2009 and found myself unable to get work - so I spent four years volunteering at the local archive and with the local family history society. When I finally became eligible for work in 2014 (don't ask), Logicalis came looking for me. As of now I run a small team managing SIEM for customers, and I do some consultancy in the security gap analysis and data protection arena for local businesses.


Look forward to meeting you: there's a growing community of CISSPs in Jersey and we hope to establish a chapter here soon.

Viewer II

Hello colleagues,


I'm Jen.  I am currently in pursuit of a B.A.S. in CyberSecurity.  I am honored to be a part of this community and am grateful to have a place to share my ideas concerning the ever changing world of I.T. Security.  My current focus is aligned with the DoDD 8570 (I am currently working on the first tier).




Newcomer III

Hi everyone,

My background basically is an Oracle DB professional/Applications DBA/SysAdmin

and recently received SSCP designation.

My experience in security involved securing the databases for my customers as well as doing

pen tests, reviewing policies, securing data, etc. although I feel I can be doing so much more.


Currently taking the Harvard School CyberSec Grad cert and studying for the CISSP and hopefully can get this soon. Based in NorCalifornia, pls feel free to reach out if you need an extra "hand" for any tasks/projects you may have, always willing to be a gopher to learn as much as I can about security from all the passionate gurus here.