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Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone,


New to the community? Have a question? Or just want to tell us a little about yourself? Feel free to do so in this thread.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
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Newcomer III

very cool
if you ever need extra pair of hands, always looking to expand and learn.




Newcomer I

Greetings to the ISC(2) community. 
With a background of more than 40 years of global telecommunications and systems experience in the Information Technology Security industry, it has been a pleasure to meet so many dedicated professionals in the ISC(2) community. It is especially refreshing to see how many of our organizations work together to improve the body of knowledge.  One of my current efforts related to a sister organization is as Vice President of Education for the Information Systems Security Association (Northern Virginia chapter). Members of ISC(2) have been mentoring members of ISSA and providing guidance related to CISSP studies.
Thank you to those of you in the community who participate in such efforts and many thanks to our sponsors.
From a risk perspective, I often recommend: Smile and Keep Smiling - Explore Opportunities.

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I would just like to say Hi to everyone having just joined this Community. 


Hello Fellow ISC2 Members! 


Just saying Hi!


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Just saying hi to all my fellow ISC2 members!

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Happy to join the big family. Wish everyone has a good day.



Contributor I

Hi all,


I'm a young (at least in mind) professional, finally heading into an above-board and socially responsible security role.


I've spent the last few years mastering my trade in all things IT related- Virtualisation, Networks, VDI, Firewalls, Servers, Windows, Linux etc etc, and I have been involved with several well know, large London-Based organisations.


However, my passion is Security.


I'm particularly interested in "Hacking" (White hat only of course 😉 ) and enjoy reverse engineering malware samples when I can get them safely into my quarantined lab. I'm heading for the CEH, just as soon as I can carve out some time, and eventually I'll proceed to the CISSP. I also plan on picking up the unrelated OSCP if and when I am ever ready to complete it.


I'm keen to connect with like-minded professionals, and share any insights or anecdotal experiences that I feel could benefit the community.


Can I just apologise for any poor attempts at humour that you may experience, I work alone a lot, and I need some humour to keep me just sane enough to stay in touch with the human world....




Ed Clower, CISSP since 2007.  I work in Information Assurance for a branch of a well-known federal government.  I am looking forward to interacting here.

Newcomer I



I am Delyan and I am a cybersecurity specialist and consultant. Originaly from Bulgaria, I live in Dublin, Ireland. My background is in Security Operations and Incident Response but in the last two years I have engaged in all sorts of cybersecurity program development activities. Soon to be CISSP with my application endrosed and under review by ISC2. I am also GIAC Certified Incident Handler, and member of ISC2 and ISACA in Ireland. Currently I am self-employed and working on affordable solution for security data collection, indexing and analysis. 


I would like to connect with other Cyber Security professionals. Feel free to send me an invite or message on LinkedIn