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Community Manager

(ISC)² is now ISC2

We are proud to announce that (ISC)² is now ISC2🎉

This is more than just a logo change – it is a bold step toward our mission to bridge the workforce gap with a diverse global talent pool. We remain dedicated to guiding our members through professional development and advocating for continued growth in the cybersecurity industry. Together, we will help guide candidates and be a force for good. Your future. Secured.

Check it out at the updated website:


Learn more about this rebrand here: Cybersecurity is Evolving. So Are We. 


Read the press release: ISC2 Announces Major Milestone as Community Grows to Half a Million Strong

ISC2 Community Manager
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Community Champion

The rebrand includes the name change from (ISC)² to ISC2 to improve global accessibility and ease translation across all languages.


Didn't even think about this!  And here I was, just happy that I didn't have to use alt-codes any more!

A claim is as good as its veracity.
Community Champion

Thanks for the note Andrea.


I do not like the change but then I have voiced that to Clar and others already.


(ISC)2 had a meaning.  It stood for International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.  The logic of the name was brilliant, however I find myself wanting to know what ISC2 stands for.




Community Champion

Still says International Information System Security Certification Consortium on the updated PDF downloadable certificates.





Which, honestly, I think those look pretty terrible and not like a high level professional certification at all.

Viewer II

I totally agree the older (ISC)2 was better.  It was “smart and fun”.  The new logo just seems to have been dumbed down.  I’ve reached out to Todd Coats, Senior Director of Creative, at ISC2 trying to get a better understanding.  Really wish the membership would have had some say in this.




The members should have say in a rebrand of the organization. The previous name and logo had meaning and looked professional.
Community Champion

Quick value certifications at a cheaper price point than CompTIA until they get more popular... 😉

Community Champion

Well David, I reckon we could just be too old and set in our ways. I’m sure new ISC2 is both Smaterer and much more Funening than old ISC2, after all you don’t need experience, just some time and fifty bucks to get a free cert that is a dead cert to get you certain work in Cybersecurity! We’re just to old and limited for the ineffable nuance…

Does someone know where I can find the new logo artwork? 
I have found the following description
  Logo Artwork
  Electronic artwork files for the Logo are available on the ISC2's members-only Website.



  Membership Policies and Procedures
  -> ISC2 Logos & Guideline


and poked around, but I could not find it.