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Community Manager

(ISC)² Community:  Rankings and Badges

By being an active participant in the (ISC)² Community, you can climb the ranks of membership!  Ranks represent the level of participation and contribution that a member has made to the community.  As you spend more time on the forum, engage in positive discussion, and help other members, you will move up the ranks!  Below is the current (ISC)² Community’s ranking structure:


  • Viewer
  • Reader
  • Newcomer
  • Contributor
  • Advocate
  • Defender
  • Influencer

In addition, the (ISC)² Community offers a variety of badges that you can earn for simply starting a discussion or posting an image, or receiving kudos or responding to discussions. Through your affiliation and involvement with (ISC)², you can also earn badges for being an (ISC)² credential holder, volunteer or participating in an (ISC)² event.  Lastly, there are always “fun” badges that you can earn throughout the year, just for being a part of the (ISC)² Community!  Check in often to see what badge you can earn next!

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
54 Replies
Newcomer III

Good stuff. I assume there will soon be a badge for best cat pics 🙂
Contributor I

Sounds like a bit of fun!


How does one acheive "Defender" as a Rank? Seems to be the most interesting of Ranks to me....



Contributor II

There seem to be a bunch of grades on each one, also. I’ve started a few threads and am now at “contributor i” up from “newcomer iii” or whateverhave you.

I assume they’re “gamification” rewards for spending a lot of time posting here; it probably takes like ~30 thread topics and/or some number of “kudos” to get there.
-- wdf//CISSP, CSSLP
Community Champion

I say we should start a poetry corner. Maze Denizens - A Poem Mice, Mice - please ring the bell, If it rhymes you're doing well, If it doesn't that's just swell, As really good poetry probably shouldn't ... EJ Thribb Age 17.5
Newcomer I

Seem like a lot of fun. One badge is missing for the most negative comment. 

Newcomer II

This group is becoming too competitive 😉 all rankings and no fun - just kidding. I like the enticement to discuss topics and contribute at ISC2 on a national/international InfoSec board.
Newcomer I

Very interesting way to get people engaged! Forums become a huge platform for supporting each other and trust me we can all use the help. We are most of the time out numbered and out gunned when it comes to the cybersecurity world! Glad to know we have fellow professionals supporting each other.
Newcomer I

I think this is a great way to get members engaged in community activities. Thanks for the info; I didn't know there were this many ranks :).

Community Champion

On current posts, I add a comment when I can be constructive or assist. 


If I see content that would be of interest here, I post it up.   


I prefer to keep things simple.