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Community Manager

(ISC)² Community: Getting Started

Welcome to the (ISC)² Community! This site allows professionals in cyber, information, software and infrastructure security to connect with one another to share knowledge, offer advice, resolve issues, discuss industry trends, and provide personal insights and experiences.

The following represents a quick guide to familiarize new users with the forum basics. We recommend checking out the Community FAQs for a more details about this Community.


Getting to know the Community

The (ISC)² Community is divided into three main categories, each of which contains discussion boards where you can post messages and respond to other users.

  • Discussions is where you can converse with other cybersecurity professionals about membership, certifications, industry trends, hot topics, etc.
  • Events is where you can learn about details at upcoming (ISC)² events and other industry conferences.
  • Research is where you can learn about (ISC)² and other related industry research and reports, and discuss findings with other professionals.


Personal Account Settings


As you're getting started, you should take a moment to customize your account settings. This will ensure that your forum experience is tailored to your tastes. To view these options, go to your profile image or avatar in the top-right of any community page, and choose “My settings”. If you've just created your account, you may be asked to choose a Community username - this is the name by which you will be known on the Community, so make sure you're happy with it before proceeding.  You will not be able to change it later.


Change your profile photo


Your forum profile photo (or avatar) will appear next to all your posts, and is set through your community profile. You can update your profile photo by going to My Settings and choosing the section for “Avatars”.  Here you can upload a photo or image, or choose from a collection of avatars available in the system. 


Customize your public profile 


Clicking the "My settings" link will bring you to your "Personal Profile" page where you can add a personal biography, signature, and web link. These additions will appear on your Profile page for everyone to see.


Customize your personal settings


After clicking "My settings", click the "Preferences" tab. Here you can select your appropriate time zone from the drop-down menu, and click "Save" to commit the change. This will ensure that dates and times shown in the community are accurate for you. Next, click the "Display" tab. Here you can modify display settings including text size, date format, and emoticon type. Click through the tabs to adjust additional settings including topic sort order, layout, and privacy.




We encourage you to visit often and contribute as much as you like. Ask your toughest questions--there's a good chance that someone here has an answer, or can point you in the right direction.


Search for topics


The best way to find topics and established conversations is by typing your subject into the "Search the community" search box on any category (Discussions, Events or Research) or board level page (e.g., Welcome, Certifications, Industry News, etc.). If someone has asked something similar, their posts will appear for you to click.


Create New Post


If you want to create a new post under one of the categories, click "Create New Post" on the appropriate board to start a new thread.


As you are composing your message, be sure to include all necessary details. You can include images, video, or links if those are helpful in clarifying your post. Format and spell check your post as needed. Once you're happy with your new message, click "Post". Your question will appear in the board you've chosen, and other users will now be able to respond.


By default, you are set up to receive notifications when another member replies to your original post. This makes it easy for you to navigate away from the community and not worry about checking in until you know there's a response waiting for you. You can reply directly to an email notification to post your follow up response.


Create New Category


If you want to maintain and create a new category that you would provide your thought leadership to, please contact




You're now ready to start joining conversations and meeting fellow (ISC)² Community users! Don't hesitate to explore the Community to find your favorite spots.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
2 Replies
Community Champion

I really like the violet dog-bear face I was assigned as an avatar on joining, so won't be changing it...

Community Champion

Hello! Am I fully missing the link to the Community FAQ? I think that's an underline, but it's not a hyperlink. Thank you!
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