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Educational Requirments/Options for CISSP

Hello all,


Brand new to CISSP. I have 25yrs of IT Experience but most of that falls under Desktop/Sysadmin. Over the years I've gotten worn down by the "I forgot my password" or "I can't print". I'm ready to move forward. I recently started self study for the CCNA and through that found that I want to take my career into CyberSecurity. I don't have a degree and my knowledge of Network Security is certainly limited. 


That being said I'm looking into an Associates program in CyberSecurity offered by SNHU. My thought is that I should go through this program first before attempting the CISSP to establish a good foundation first. I feel like if I tried to jump right into CISSP study it would be too overwhelming.


Any thoughts or recommendations? I'm not sure if the SNHU program is very reputable?

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Community Champion

For reputable academic Cyber programs start your search here: A Hub for National Centers of Academic Excellence | CAE Community


I hesitate to offer academic advice because everyone is different but if you're dead set on just an Associates, I'd recommend you look for a Cyber program at your local Community College. Cost per credit is significantly cheaper and most, if not all, credits will transfer to a 4 year program if your educational goals change. 


If your goal is to get into management (Director level and above), I'd recommend at least a Bachelors along with the CISSP.  


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Hello Jeremy,

The cyber security program at SNHU is excellent; SNHU is a reputable school and has a strong IT and computer science program overall.

The CCNA is a great cert for network admins and junior network engineers but does not compare to the CISSP in terms of both content and difficulty.

Do you have any other certs? I would recommend starting with the Security+ Certification. This is a great entry level cert and will give you a better understanding of many security concepts.

Thank you,

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I might suggest that you look at the SSCP.  You have the experience for that.  It could potential provide an entry way into security.


If you are set on the CISSP, you could attempt it and if you do not have the right experience, you could apply for the associate designation (allows you to pass the exam but you do not have the required experience).


To get a feel for the types of questions you MAY see, check this link:


They will also give you a sense of where your knowledge is.


No opinion on SNHU.