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Contributor I

A person can join ISC2 as a learner, without an ISC2 certification, correct?

Hi all,

I work with several people who are engineers adding cybersecurity\information assurance to their skillsets. I believe that I am correct to advise them to create a login at ISC2, and that they do not have to be certified by ISC2 to create a login.

Am making doubly certain that my concept is correct.


(PS, though I show in discussions as a noob, I have been a CISSP for over 15 years. Took paper-based CISSP exam in November of 2007 and passed on the first attempt. Found out yesterday that only a small percentage of CISOs in Fortune 500 companies even *have* a CISSP. Surprising!!!).


Back to my question, I think that a learner can create an ISC2 account without being certified already.


Wishing everyone health and good learning,

Dr. J. S. Buitron, DCS, MSIA, CISSP

Doctor of Computer Science\Cybersecurity

Masters in Information Assurance\Cybersecurity

Certified Information Systems Security Professional


Lead Cyber Engineer at L3Harris

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Newcomer III

Yes you can register an account and obtain a non member ID I believe. Once you pass an ISC2 cert, go through endorsement and approval, and pay the annual maintenance fee, your ID converts over to a member ID.

Community Champion

Currently, folks can join the Community without being members of the organization and most material is open to them...I believe only one section is for members only.  As to actually becoming a member, one must have passed a certification from the organization as either a full members or an associate.


Policies on membership can be found:


Most information on the (ISC)2 site is available to anyone that wants to understand the organization similar to this Community.  Other areas do require a member login (training, maintenance of AMFs or CPEs, etc.).


@jbuitron Your status of NOOB here relates to your activity in the community not your status with (ISC)2.


@AndreaMoore I have looped in Andrea, so that she may correct or add to anything that I have missed or mis-spoken.








Community Manager

Hi All, 


Yes, you can create an account while you are planning to take a certification exam, etc. You can also create an account here on the Community before becoming a (ISC)2 member. I may be biased but I highly recommend that you suggest they connect with others here on Community (we have study groups, topical discussions and a career board, etc.)


There is a quick "how-to" video on the Community homepage that helps to explain how to use it. Pasting here as well:



ISC2 Community Manager