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So you want a connected city? Is it spying on you? Privacy?

Hi All


An interesting piece from the NCSC.Gov.UK on Connected Cities, don't you look forward to this?


Or is it already in place?


Do you agree with the suggested controls?





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Very apropos as we here in the SE US are dealing with a ransomware attack that crippled a major gasoline pipeline.  Suggested controls are great, all of us suggest controls almost every day.  How many are implemented?  How many are even actually reviewed to see what the cost/benefit ratio is?  I am under the firm belief, increasing every day, that there needs to be a legal framework that holds companies responsible for outages of critical services, just like privacy events. It is fundamental to capitalism, until it costs more to do nothing than to do something, nothing will be done.  So, the way governments can address that is to make it more expensive.  Under national security law, or some other provision, find a way to hold entities accountable, including local governments.  Until then, keep an extra can of gas, some walkie talkies, and plenty of canned food.


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We are heading toward living in a panopticon. Despite many reading George Orwell's 1984 and recoiling in horror - we are now enabling a similar existence.... Our homes and cities are becoming "smarter"... the people in it are either dumber or too trusting.... whether we blame social and/or cultural license would be debatable 🙂
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> DazzaBazza (Viewer) posted a new reply in Threats on 05-13-2021 05:31 AM in the

> We are heading toward living in a panopticon.

You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.

(Oh, wait. Someone may have said that before I did.)

For an alternative take, I highly recommend David Drin's "The Transparent

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